A Personal Story of God's Amazing Intervention “Supernaturally Bringing Two Together” to be One in Marriage

This book encourages Christian women and men that God is able to Supernaturally bring them a spouse.

Do You Believe God Can Write Your Love Story?
Is it possible that God even cares to get this involved in our lives?

What would happen if you decided to trust God with such an important decision, like finding your husband or wife? Do you have dreams of meeting someone special who will love you unconditionally…someone who is specifically appointed by God for you?

Darnella shares the story of her journey of finding God and how God Supernaturally brought her a husband. God confirms to her that it is He Himself orchestrating a “Divine Setup” to bring her and her husband together.

Learn valuable keys and insights as she shares with you the many lessons she has learned along this journey of waiting on God for her husband.

You'll be amazed at how personally God gets involved in your life!


Excerpt from Can God Supernaturally Bring Me a Husband? (or Wife?) © Copyright 2023 Darnella Tyler


I am writing this book to glorify the Lord and all He has done in my life and our lives together to make this possible! My desire is to declare to all those who want to know, what is possible with God! If not for His Supernatural Power and Intervention in my life, I would not know what was possible, how personal He is, and how involved He would like to get in our seemingly insignificant lives, and this book would not have been written. The purpose is

That I may proclaim with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all Your wondrous works. Psalm 26:7

I would like to note that this is not a “How to do a Supernatural Marriage” book or a teaching on marriage, although that's a much needed topic. This book is a testimony to open your eyes to the possibilities of God moving in your life in an amazing way that you may not have thought of. It's like a “kiss” from God to you saying, “Yes, I got you! If you can believe Me, trust Me and wait for Me to bring your husband or wife there is nothing impossible!” It can inspire you to learn how God speaks and to begin to hear His voice personally in your life, causing you to see God in a whole new way.

I pray that you will be encouraged not only through my testimony and experiences, but also through the testimonies of others that I share!
It is my desire to help open your eyes to those wonderful Supernatural times when God moves in our lives… those times that we know it's God! God wants you to “Dream Big” and believe that He can and wants to do this for you.

If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire and it shall be done for you. John 15:7

When I first wrote my testimony, it began as a long letter to my husband's Aunt Fannie. We chatted briefly about how her nephew and I met. I had a desire to share with her the experiences and challenges in my life that brought me to the place I was now, married to her nephew. So that's when I decided to write the letter.
What's beautiful about it is that when she read my letter, it changed her life. It caused her to desire what I had found in God and to make a decision to follow the Lord. She and her husband both came to know the Lord and His peace and joy in their lives. It's so amazing what God can do. You never know how your life and your story will affect someone else's life.
Since then, that letter has evolved into my first book, “Tears to Joy” which gives my full testimony and now this book about my experiences with God Supernaturally bringing me a husband.

It is my deepest desire that as the pages of this book are read, that the eyes of those who feel trapped, or those wondering if things could ever change in their life will begin to see that new light and hope are possible in their situation. That, like Aunt Fannie, they will reach out to find the answer they are longing for.

It is my prayer that something will come alive in them to realize just as I did, that there is someone greater than them and their circumstances, waiting to hear their call, their invitation, to touch and change their life, making what they never thought possible, possible!
I pray that my testimony releases faith in you to believe that God will do the same for you as He has done for us and many others. That God will Supernaturally bring you a spouse when you place your trust in Him and show you how, no matter where you are, He is able to bring you two together at His appointed time and give you Supernatural confirmations that it is truly Him moving in your lives!

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