A personal message from the author:

I wanted to combine a ghost story with my interest of the First People's of Canada. At the time, I started, I was unaware that cannibalism played a big part in one of the early tribes on the west coast of Canada and the research was amazing. I think it blends well with the horror/ghost story aspect of the book. It works well as a novelette.

— James W. Brown

1987-A city boy can't stray from his wife, if she forces him to move and take over an old farmhouse. So what trouble can there be?

Old farmhouses make crazy noises at night, a groan here, a rumble there. But what about those shadows? This could be trouble. A different kind of trouble for Dell.

1887-The taste of flesh is sweet. A young girls flesh, the sweetest. As chief of his village, O’waxalagalis may have chosen poorly. The flesh may be sweet but the heart is dark.

When worlds collide, mayhem is sure to follow.


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