The Blueprint to Financial Freedom

When I decided to write a book about finances geared towards poor and middle-class minorities, I received massive amounts of pushback. Many people laughed and expressed to me that “these” people don’t read, therefore how was I going to reach my target audience? It was at that moment that I realized that I had to complete Colored Money immediately. I realized that I needed to keep the content simple, straightforward, and to the point.

I broke the content of Colored Money into two parts. The first part of Colored Money is the knowledge side, and the second part is the action plan. I separated the content into these two parts to allow the reader to easily reference different parts of the book as they start to acquire more and more assets while simultaneously showing the reader how to buy liabilities correctly.

Throughout the course of Colored Money, we will discuss the difference between assets and liabilities. We will also discuss the different types of income and how they affect your financial freedom and your freedom of time. We will discuss alternatives to things that typically plaque lower income communities such as a lack of financial literacy and wasteful spending habits.

It’s time we break free from the challenges and circumstances that have been “chained” to our people and our families for generations by educating ourselves, our children, and our communities about money, wealth, and freedom. It starts with Colored Money.

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