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The potential spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) started causing intense, widespread impacts to the global economy as more and more people became infected with the virus.
My childhood dream was to heal my mother and heal the world without any side effects, as my beloved mother suffered for 35 years and underwent 10 surgical operation in her abdomen, it all ended with more sufferings once she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and her three chemotherapy done in UK could not give any hope, but added to her sufferings till she passed away.
We were never raised by our parents due to our mother's ailment, and surgeries after another every two to three years, and our divided family of eight were divided to be raised by our two uncles.

As a workaholic, I was later diagnosed with multiple chronic ailments; that started with allergic rhinitis, followed by series of asthma attacks, migraine, and lumbago (low backache). The lost of hope, with no improvement from my years of medication, as my health condition started worsening, I had to find alternative source after years of research about water therapy, and nutrition. That was not enough to make any improvement.
And finally, everything changed in just one simple experiment in the kitchen of my home experimenting cold water versus hot water poured on left over foods with some oil deposits. The cold water hardened the left over oily foods, whereas the hot water experiment melted completely the left over oily foods in another plate. This reminded me various research articles about the detrimental heath effects from drinking cold water, which I already stopped many years, and shifted to warm water, but, again, without any improvement from my chronic ailments.

After the experiment, I decided immediately starting drinking eight glasses of hot water at 50 degree Celsius (122 degree Fahrenheit), and stopped all my medication. And within a short period I was found asymptomatic by my doctor, and I was immediately granted a certificate by a medical committee for this historic discovery in 2007.

13 years of success, collecting more than 500 anecdotal evidences, spoke at 8 international conferences, interviewed and featured in 92 media, conducted 60 lectures, presented my first book ; subtitle; “hot water miracles” in 4 international book fairs; collected three clinical trials done in rats by students for their master's thesis with positive results in inflammation, immune system, LDL, HDL, CVD, and weight loss.

— Ph.d. Faris Alhajri

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