All I Ever Wanted Was a Farm in the Country

Quote from the book:

I was happiest at Crowndale with my maternal grandmother. The house was filled with books. I eventually taught myself to read them.

Cora Myrtle was a small woman with a great presence and intellect. Because of her, I was certain early on that women were superior to men and later thought it ironic that we fought so hard for equality. My grandmother attended and graduated from the University of Iowa during a time when few women finished high school. She had majored in philosophy. I was spiritually lifted in her presence. Unlike my relationship with my mother, I didn’t care if she loved me or not. She not only answered my questions, she also shared questions and answers that fascinated me. Instead of droning along, my mind leapt and sang.

The true autobiography of a determined woman who dared to live her dream.

Join Cynthia on a rollercoaster ride through the dark valleys to ecstatic heights. Tears of sorrow to tears of fulfilled joy. A real gem. A fast and heartfelt read.


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