The Maple Way Mystery Club Cozy Mystery Series Book 2

This is an engaging mystery in which amateur women sleuths from a book club track down the murderer of a popular local artist.

A Charming Town, a Famous Artist, and a Mysterious Murder: Deadly Secrets of Juniper Bay

That morning Sarah paused outside the DuPont gallery as she passed the shops.

A painting caught her eye, being a massive fan of Spencer Whitaker's work, she immediately recognized the artist’s unique style. Sarah had admired Whitaker even before she moved to Juniper Bay. He was the most famous citizen of this small town, she had driven by his home before,fascinated by the enigmatic artist who now lived as a recluse in an old house near the cliffs.

So, when just a few days later she hears the bad news:
“Spencer Whitaker is dead”… “They say it was a murder.”

It comes as a blow to her.

Initially perplexed, Sarah, the leader of the Maple Way Mystery Club group, soon realized that she and her friends would have to employ their best knowledge and skills to unravel the mystery surrounding Whitaker's untimely demise.

From that moment on, an uphill journey to uncover the truth began.

A fascinating read by author Miranda Rose Barker, Deadly Secrets of Juniper Bay,is an engaging story that will keep you turning pages late into the night.

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