I felt his eyes corrupting me from the inside out. Felt it burning on my retina like I was looking into the sun — the pitch-black sun. His left arm lifted upwards and pointed at me like he was transferring all blame onto me. As if to say I was the one who caused this, as if I was the one who wanted this to happen..

Key has been trying to pick up the pieces after the death of his college best friend, who passed in an automotive accident, and then the death of his young daughter from an accident on the beach — A day meant for fun, instead opened the door to a realm Key deemed unimaginable.
At work with his boss and coworkers. At home with his wife, Susan. But there was just one supernatural problem that keeps derailing his efforts: Deyn. Just what Deyn is, Key doesn’t know. And frankly, he doesn’t really care. He’s just tired of Deyn popping up in his life when he least expects it. Or wants it. It was distracting to the point of being frustrating. And then, there was the concerning shift in Deyn’s personality. From hovering near his boss while he’s being put on leave, to taking a step too far by attacking Susan while she was cooking dinner one night and looking downright evil. Which was strange. Deyn had never appeared like that to Key before.
Determined to protect his wife and get to the bottom of the mystery, Key goes on a quest to figure out just who-and what- Deyn is, and in doing so, unlocks answers he didn’t even know he was seeking.


Read online Deyn's Promise by Robert Jacob Brontsema

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