A young mouse named Digby is in trouble, as are all the mice of the abandoned Ashby Church. If it isn’t becoming a meal for the resident owl, then it’s the pending demolition of the church.

Through curiosity and discovery Digby and his friends piece together a plan to save their home and send the owl looking for food elsewhere.

From the past, an eccentric Vicar and a widowed countess from two hundred years earlier help the mice with some unique ammunition for the final battle that will take place on live television!

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Excerpt from Digby the Church Mouse: Saving Home © Copyright 2023 Kyle Vernon

Digby heard something like the wind and remembered what his mother had told them. Without thinking anymore about it, he tore off towards both Diana and the can thingy in the distance. The brush above exploded above him and a wingclaw slammed its claws into the ground where Digby had stood, just seconds earlier. Diana let out a scream, but it was cut short by the jerk Digby gave to her arm as he passed her.

They ran as fast as their quick legs could take them. The wingclaw didn’t look happy, but with a flap of its great wings the winged menace darted into the night sky, flying above them quickly.

Digby ran hard, but his ears worked equally as hard. Just as the wind sound occurred again, he steered Diana to the right.

Whump! The sound came from the arrival of the wingclaw on the rain softened earth.

“Gotcha!” said the wingclaw. It was right where they would have been if he hadn’t jetted to the right. The second near miss made Digby reach deep inside and add even more speed to his pace. His heart raced.

Digby looked at the approaching opening to the can. It was too small for both to jump through at the same time.

“Can….you….get….in….front…of…me? You…go… in…. first…. Dive! “Digby asked aloud without slowing.

And that’s what happened. Diana was able to get two steps out in front, and she dove through the opening, followed by Digby. They collided into the back wall of the can together. For a moment they both struggled to gulp in enough air.

All at once the can was severely jolted. Outside the entire world turned upside down several times.

“Get out! Foodlings, get out!” came a voice from outside the can.

Digby and Diana tumbled around inside. Both screamed while the can tumbled in frightful motion.

“Get out! Foodlings, get out!“ came the voice again. This was followed by another complete roll of the can.

“No, don’t!” said Digby evenly, trying hard to remain calm while still breathing loudly.

“No problem here, wingclaw doesn’t get breakfast today!” answered Diana.

A large eye appeared at the opening of the can. The bulging orb peered at them, most unnerving to both mice. The only way that could happen, Digby realized, was if the wingclaw was standing on the ground next to their can while leaning over and peering in.

“Oh, I can wait. Breakfast, lunch, or even supper!” came the wingclaw’s voice.

“Eat somebody else. Far away from here!” shouted Digby.

“But why? There’s two foodlings right here, in front of me.”

“Because we’re not coming out! That’s why,” exclaimed Diana.

“I tell you what,” offered the wingclaw, “I’ll make myself comfortable in a nearby tree and just listen for you when you step out. You won’t see me when I can see you. At least one of you will find your way down my throat when I drop down on you. Who! Who!” finished the owl with a flourish.

And with that the wingclaw launched into the evening air before anything else was said. The can rocked slightly with the wingclaw’s departure.

Digby edged closer to the hole in the can. He couldn’t see any sign of wingclaw. Stepping off the bottom of the can he noted it rolled in that direction. He looked out the opening and slowly inched closer. As his view of the outside expanded, he saw the wingclaw was telling the truth – it sat on a low tree branch nearby.

“Now what?” asked Diana.

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