A quote from the author:

Sometimes being divided between the light and darkness is the starting point to choose which to conquer.

— Julie Hamada

A powerful collection of poetry which explores the complex world behind our identities.What defines you? Who were you in the past? And who will you be in 10 years?

With a heartfelt selection of deeply relatable poetry, Divided takes readers on a unique and thought-provoking journey into the things which make us who we are. Grappling with good and evil, love and hate, happiness and anger, and the conflicting sides of our identities, this profound book seeks to mend the war in our souls and show us that by embracing our two sides, we can grow and flourish into who we’re meant to be.

Crafted to help author Julie Hamada explore her past and present selves to define her future, this collection will touch your heart and mind as it breaks down our pain and hopes, our needs and desires, and the fears and inner conflicts which hold us back. Perfect for fans of inspiring poetry which examines the nature of the human condition, Divided lets us work through every aspect of our identities to create a more grounded, wholesome, and accepting view of ourselves.


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