Celestial Warfare in the Sands

In the shadowed heart of a war-torn Iraqi village, where the lines between the seen and the unseen blur, Celestial Warfare in the Sands emerges as a tale of valor, darkness, and the unyielding pursuit of redemption. This epic fantasy, set against the stark backdrop of contemporary conflict, weaves together the fates of Marines not only bound by duty but also caught in the web of ancient celestial warfare.

Hatfield, a Marine graced or cursed. Finds himself thrust not only into fighting in the urban Iraqi war as a combatant but an age-old battle that transcends the mere clash of insurgencies. As Hatfield delves deeper into the heart of Anah, Iraq, a small village on the northwest side of the country. He uncovers a world where magic breathes life into the sands, where celestial beings wage wars in the shadows, pulling the strings of humanity for their cryptic agendas. Among the ruins and whispered legends, Hatfield must confront not only the external enemy but also the storm within—a tempest of power that threatens to consume him.

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