My lived experience with systematic racism in the 21st century.

In this compelling first-person account, Daniel Joseph explores systematic racism in the 21st century. From the impact of the wealth gap that exist between black and white people, to the interaction between black lives and the blue line. Reliving his experiences, including being called “Evil Aliens with Afros” in his youth, Joseph examines the overwhelming effects of racism throughout his, and his father's generation. Referring to the misinformation and fear of black people in the generations leading up to the early-90s, racial stereotyping has been put on trial as the most significant actor in the collective behaviour of negativity towards black people. However, offering some hope for a better future, Joseph reflects on the lessons learned over the years, how to fight for racial equality, and what we can do to engage more collaboratively.

A personal message from the author:

I care deeply about our communities, the future of our society, and the relationships we have with each other. One of the biggest highlights of growing up in the 90s, is having people like Mr. Rogers and Bob Ross, give me a glimmer of hope that there is a calm, peaceful and caring part of society.

Having lived through systematic racism in my life, and seeing a lot of vitriol and divisiveness take over what can be a constructive discussion surrounding it, I wanted to share my lived experience and really examine the root causes, as well as a collaborative and hopeful way forward.

— Daniel Joseph


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