Fairy Knights Books 2

A personal message from the author:

I wrote it after playing a tabletop roleplaying game with my wife and son. Their interactions in the game were so very creative and they inspired me to immortalize their characters into a story. Now their characters can live on as they quest through the world fixing wrongs into rights and learning a bit about friendship and themselves along the way.

It is a LitRPGesque kids adventure made for my son and my students now presented to the world at large and I very much hope that you enjoy it.

— Dames Handsome

The Princess won't laugh, Evil Fairies have been spotted, and the Leprechauns are in an awful mess. Who can fix it all while making you giggle besides?

The Fairy Knights can! Channelers of a special caliber, Ching Goo and Oma Bell are well ready to use their magic and level-ups to do the world good in this GameLit adventure made especially for children.

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