A personal message from the author:

I love Alice in Wonderland, I love Tim Burton's dark and gothic style, I love fantasy humor, I love literary nonsense and I adore addictingly good characters. This book combines all of that with festivity blended into the story.

I used to write books and focus purely on plot and world building, and in that I forgot the most important part of what writing even is. It's having fun! Fantasia of Lorelei brings a new light of how a story can just be straight up enjoyed for how it gives hot cocoa to your imagination.

— Charles Sterling

Lorelei's dreams were crushed as a child when she found out Santa wasn't real. Now a quirky mature girl, one festive Christmas night she received a fairy tale book, one that she had entered upon opening it.

When she had entered the fairy tale world, she had her smartphone with her. She would take pictures of all the breathtaking sparkling scenery, and make friends with talking candy, pumpkin headed creatures, flying foxes and more!

Every place she traveled to had its own mysteries to be solved before moving on to the next. But the further she went, the more dangers she uncovered.

This charming lovable girl infects the people around her with her charisma, wit and down right playful insanity as she adventures to her final destination.

A wonky, crazy, yet compelling fantasy story, with hilarious dialogue and breathtaking world-building. A festive, fun and easy read!

Free on Kindle for between the 27th-31st of October!


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