A Journey from Addict to Advocate

A personal message from the author:

Finding North is my journey. Throughout my life, I've crossed paths with people just like myself, who ask the same question I did – “What if”?

Sometimes that question was merely a reflection; other times, I wondered what my life could be like if I gave up drugs and alcohol. Then there were the times that I regretted a choice I'd made and felt guilty and thought about how situations or relationships would be different if only…

Have you asked yourself that same question? If you're wondering about giving up drugs and alcohol, I hope this book will encourage you to do so.

Are our external lives similar? Perhaps not, but when it comes to the feelings, thoughts, and behaviors of addicts, I'm sure that you'll relate, and that is the purpose of this book. To help you see that you can recover, too.

I wrote this book to show how diverse and yet, distinctly typical an addict's path is. We're all unique, but the same; individuals, but a group.

And in choosing recovery over addiction, we answer our ‘what if' with a different life, better relationships, and learn to help others in their struggles.

As an addict, I hope you find in this memoir the commonality of our feelings, thoughts, and poor choices in our addiction and our ultimate redemption through our recovery.

— Marilyn Davis

Today, Marilyn is a Certified Addiction Recovery Empowerment Specialist, recently celebrating thirty-two years of abstinence-based recovery.

From 1990-2011, she opened and managed North House, an award-winning residential facility for women.

Before reaching this milestone, she was a desperate woman on drugs, managing rock bands at night, pretending to be okay, but ultimately giving up on herself, losing her husband, children, and friends due to her addiction.

New in recovery, a chance encounter with Gray Hawk, a 74-year old Native American, showed her that healing herself would include looking within, taking Steps, and creating a house of healing for other women.


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