No matter how good your book is or how appreciated you are, a book needs a professional cover to sell, it is an essential part of the book marketing mix. Sure, the cover might be irrelevant if you are already a renowned author with an impressive fan base. The same rule applies if everyone is eagerly waiting for your book – the cover is less likely to make the difference. But when, whether you are getting ready to release your debut book or you are pushing to build your way up, you probably know how it works already.

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You walk into a bookstore looking for a new book, without having a clue what you are after. The cover is the first thing that will draw your attention and will make you pick a book up. The same rule applies to your release. However, a book cover is more expensive than you think if you rely on a publishing agency or a professional design company. How about hiring a freelancer over Fiverr then? It will cost you less than a fancy lunch and you end up with a quality design that could make the difference.

All in all, here are some of the best gigs when looking for Fiverr book covers.

Sci-fi, Fantasy, Thriller, Romance Book Cover Design by Coverist Studio

Coverist Studio has great experience in the field of cover design, their specialty is science fiction and romance, but they created all range of book covers in the last ten years. In a fact they are new as freelancers, since they were working for different tradional publishers, but times are changing and they are now available also for self-publishers.

Their main goal is to create unique, stunning quality covers, if the cover is just “ok” it won't sell. The designers in this studio has their own signature style, which is connecting the story with a symbol that should be present on the cover. They have expertise in wide range of need for example they are able to create animated covers, which are great for Tiktok and different social media platforms.

We (here at Joelbooks) worked with them several times, and they are definitely our No.1. design studio pick. We always received sensational covers from them and we will happily work them in the future too.

Business Book Cover Design by Nskvsky

Featuring a plethora of positive reviews and obviously a decent amount of experience, this freelancer is specialized in business and marketing cover designs. Indeed, you can get in touch with Katarina regardless of the book you have written, yet she is a primary choice if your book is related to business. She knows the drill – you walk into a bookstore and struggle to find a book to catch your eye. This is what she is trying to do – make your book stand out in the crowd.

The freelancer aims to deliver affordable book covers within three days only – chances are she will finish your project faster than that. You can count on both back and spine designs – of course, you will have to come up with the spine text yourself. A few words about you or perhaps the plot of the book will help in the process. Business books will not necessarily come with plots, so a personal description is more suitable – she will advise you accordingly, based on her experience.

Not happy with a few bits regarding your cover? The freelancer will give you two free revisions. You gain access to the source file and gain copyright rights over it. A 3D mockup is also included in the package. All in all, the final design will feature JPG files and a ready to print PDF file.

Book Cover and Interior by Charlyn Designs

With hundreds of reviews and almost a maximum score, this freelancer could be the ideal choice if you need a few more things regarding your book. Basically, the service is quite straightforward. You get affordable book covers, but the freelancer will also redesign the interior of your book to make it more appealing and perhaps easier to read. At the same time, as an extra service, you can also have ebook conversion and start selling your work over the Internet as well – in a digital format.

Feel free to request some samples of previous work. The book cover design will come in two different designs, whether you want the cover for an ebook or perhaps the print edition. The book interior layout will also be updated should you need this service, not to mention the format and typesetting. As for the ebook conversion, you have more options in terms of format, with PDF, EPUB, KPF and MOBI being the most popular options these days.

There are more reasons wherefore this freelancer has gained so much notoriety. For instance, you have unlimited revisions. The high attention to detail is worth some attention too. With 10 years of experience in book design, you know you can leave yourself in good hands.

Book Cover Design by Hubspot Pro

Someone with 4.9 out of five stars and almost 1,000 reviews will most likely give you some of the best Fiverr book covers out there. The freelancer is a professional graphic designer with quite a few years of experience in the background, so he obviously knows what he is doing. He will design your book cover from scratch, whether you already have some ideas in mind, you want something similar to another book or you let the designer make a few handy suggestions.

Based on some of the provided samples, this freelancer is specialized in boosting your credibility. You will get the kind of cover that people will stop by in a bookstore or click on in a digital store. So, what do you get from this Fiverr gig then? First of all, a professionally-formatted book cover. The cover is ready to be printed and used on your book. Designs will match the format and appearance of your book as well. The delivery is given in more formats – PDF, PNG and JPG.

While the gig author does not mention how many free revisions you get, he claims on a reasonable amount – around three revisions. Given his positive reviews, he must use common sense and aim to keep clients happy. A free 3D mockup is also included in the package. The delivery is usually within three days.

Unique Book Cover by Okomota

Whether you are looking for an eye-catching cover to make your book stand out in the crowd or you need something unique to match the profile of your book, this gig is likely to satisfy your needs. The score is a maximum – five out of five stars. You have close to 1,000 reviews too, so you can imagine what kind of service you are about to get. The delivery will take around four days, but the quality is never quick. Get ready to be blown away with a cover that looks better than most of your competition.

Another great thing about this gig is the fact that you get unlimited revisions. No matter how picky you are (or whether you are a perfectionist or not), chances are you will get the cover of your dreams without having to wait for too long. You will end up with something unique, as well as a quality that stands out. The freelancer clearly states there are no templates or pre-made designs. Everything is made from scratch based on the client’s needs and requests.

Prices are fair and you only need to provide your ideas (if any), subtitle, author name, number of pages, cover size or color and branding preferences. You will get spine and back covers, a 3D mockup and various formats for the cover.

Book Cover, Book Interior and Ebook by Richellb

Based on the score and the amount of reviews, this gig could be just what you need for your next book. The freelancer always has a few orders in queue, showing great demand and excellent results – make sure you order early, rather than wait until the last moment. Moreover, the freelancer is so confident in her work that she will provide unlimited revisions. It makes no difference how pretentious you are – you will get what you want without any questions asked.

The delivery will take up to four days – you might need to wait in the queue though. However, it is totally worth it. Plus, the price is cheaper than average, but without compromising on quality – excellent value for money. Apart from the actual cover – spine and back, the freelancer will also change the layout and overall appearance of your book to match its profile. Of course, this service depends on whether you actually want it or not. Moreover, an ebook design conversion is also included.

No matter what type of book you have written, the freelancer is open to any challenge – no project is too small or too big. You will also get the final result in a few different formats for even more convenience with your project.

Custom or Illustrated Book Cover by Rebecacovers

Interested in having a character displayed on the cover for your novel? How about a couple of them? How about a background? The freelancer outlines some crystal clear rules that will match most people’s needs with no issues whatsoever. For instance, you will get up to four licensed stock images – more than enough, regardless of the genre. Once the design is done, you get full copyright rights over it. It becomes exclusively yours, so you can freely print your book.

It will take about three days for the delivery to be complete, unless there is a queue. Given the lower than average prices, you may want to hurry and avoid waiting until the last moment. You have unlimited revisions, which shows that the freelancer is up to keeping customers happy – lots of returning customers among the reviews too. Other than that, you have both spine and back design, the original file and a 3D mockup.

All in all, no matter what you are after, get in touch with Ira-Rebeca and chances are you will join the hundreds of clients leaving positive reviews once their projects make it to bookstores or digital libraries. A quality design will make it a matter of time only.

Book Cover Design by Burconur

You just cannot go wrong with this freelancer. The gig is straightforward – you get a book cover based on your unique necessities and requirements. No idea about what you want? Simply discuss your options with the freelancer and you may get a few interesting ideas. There are four general design concepts you can choose from, so at least you have a good starting point if you feel clueless.

The freelancer provides a few different packages at different prices – the least expensive one will give you an ebook cover design and 3D mockups. The premium package brings in the whole ebook, extra mockups, social media advertising, more concepts and so on. The delivery lasts between two and three days on average and there are a few people in queue most of the time – totally understandable, considering the samples and the quality standards.

Each project comes with unlimited revisions. The freelancer has a good reputation for being patient helping users reach the desired design. A full portfolio is available, so you can get an idea about what to expect.

Book Interior Layout, Book Cover and Ebook by Gramtelen

Showing off a few amazing samples and constantly having a short queue, Gram is likely to surprise you with his skills. He is one of the most professional graphic designers on Fiverr and can bring in some exquisite Fiverr book covers. This is not the type of service that will give you an average result overnight. Instead, the delivery takes up to six days, but you can expect high-quality standards and a layout that will make your book stand out in the crowd.

To prove how confident he is in his work, the freelancer provides unlimited revisions until you are fully happy with the final result – customer satisfaction comes first. As if all these were not enough, the price is slightly below average when compared to other similar freelancers, so you will get good value for money as well. You will receive the final result in a few different formats – MOBI, EPUB, JPG, PDF, PSD and PNG. As you can tell, some of the formats are for ebooks only.

The customer gets the source file as well, not to mention full ownership of the design. While not a general rule, the freelancer advertises potential discounts too.


As a short final conclusion, you can find some amazing Fiverr book covers out there. Most of them are designed from scratch. Some others are based on concepts and ideas – totally unique though. Every writer has their own vision. However, even if you do feel lost and you are not sure what would work for you, you can always discuss your options with a freelancer and get some hints about what you might need. Bottom line, this opportunity will give you a professional design at affordable prices – way less than what you would get from a graphic design company.​

If you are looking for more information on self-publishing your first check our guide article.

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