Returning to his hometown of Springhill, Maine, a professional hockey player seeks a respite from his career pressures but unexpectedly reunites with Vivian, his first love and his best friend's sister.

Their past relationship, kept secret from her overprotective brother and marred by rumors and secrets, reignites old feelings. Despite the lingering chemistry, their past issues present obstacles.

Determined to win her back, he strives to regain her trust and prove he has changed, hoping to rekindle their romance. However, the shadow of their shared history looms, leaving him uncertain if she will give him a second chance or if their past will keep them apart forever.


Excerpt from Hockey Star Heartbreaker © Copyright 2024 Jenn Lowd

I couldn't help but feel all kinds of emotions as the bus neared the stop, about half a block from my destination. The last time I came here and entered the place was seven years ago, and I kind of regret it now.


I passed it on more than one occasion, but for a long time now, it has just been that house I used to be obsessed with when I was younger—and the house where I fell in love.

It seemed like the perfect house to raise a family. I imagined my future husband and I  buying the place after we met. We would fix her up, restoring her back to her former glory because she deserved it!

We'd make the whole town wish they never abandoned her the way they did because she was just so precious and the best house anyone could ever live in.

I noted how the entrance gates were rusting out and overgrown with weeds. The terrible neglect I was seeing all around the property was breaking my heart.

Why would anyone abandon such a gorgeous house for over 20 years? It didn't make sense. Once trimmed and green, the yard would look beautiful. That would be just the starter to this amazing house; with the fountain spewing clean water, anyone would want to live here.

A packed gravel road leads guests to the front door of the mansion. The entrance is in dire need of some serious attention and care. It was clear to me that someone had been living here for a while.

The red brick steps were swept clean, and the peeling paint seemed to have been  stripped and cleaned up. Even though the house looked naked, it still had some of its character, and I could feel excitement bubbling up inside me.

I couldn't wait to work on the house; it was perfect for building my portfolio. I can just imagine all my ex-colleagues seeing my picture on the front page of ‘Interior Decorator Magazine’ proudly standing next to the historic Van Dusen Estate. Sweet!

The old Van Dusen returned to its glory by independent designer, Vivian Cooper!

Yeah, that sounded about fucking right. After building up my confidence, I took a deep breath in and raised my hand to knock on the door. It suddenly swung open and I could feel the breath leave my body.

My jaw dropped as I took in his huge figure filling the doorway, my eyes following his hands as he gestured around.

“So, what do you think!” His smile showed his excitement as his blue eyes stared intensely into mine.

What was William Cosgrove doing here?

What was my brother's best friend, my ex, doing here!!

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