Motivating Our Champions Series Books 1

Janell is going through a tough time because she is overweight and feels she doesn’t fit in. No matter what she does, she can’t lose weight. She is bullied at school and feels she doesn’t have any friends. After many attempts to try to lose weight, it begins to affect her mental health. Janell doesn’t even want to look at herself in the mirror. Only the love and support from her mother help her find the real reason why she can’t lose weight.

Janel’s Struggles will take you and your child through a heartfelt journey of how people’s perception and bullying of an overweight child is harmful to their mental health. It helps parents teach children about mental health as well as accepting who they are and asking for help when they feel something is wrong.

It also teaches children how much making fun of someone hurts. Janel’s Struggles inform parents that when things aren’t right there isn’t always an obvious answer.

This book is part of the Motivating Our Champions series.

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