Some think love is color-blind, Torres and Christina Sosa thought so, but will quickly learn to be in an interracial marriage could lead to disaster. After moving to beautiful North Charleston, South Carolina, anxious about their new surroundings, Torres and Christina hope for some southern hospitality. Instead, they meet a crazed neighbor, a West African man, Agali Sawadogo, who hates the sight of a Black American woman being married to a Hispanic man.

Agali’s crush on Christina soon turns into an obsession when he plots to make Christina his wife. Agali seeks help from a witch to conjure an evil spirit to curse Torres. Hoping the curse will end Torres’s life, but when Agali learns the ritual backfires. Christina falls victim to the spell and becomes possessed by the evil spirit Agali summoned.

Now Agali desperately tries to fix his mistake before the love of his life has a tragic end.A romantic tale turns to a horror story in a matter of minutes. Experience the never-ending battle between love and hate.

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