A lone cross-dresser endures trials and tribulations in a world of predatory cannibals hungering for the flesh of the innocent. An exhausted waitress is liberated from bondage with a powerful pair of breast implants. A warmhearted stoner quenches his thirst in the moonlit woods.

Someone's nipple gets burned pretty bad at some point, but they're totally into it. There's an Injury Law Attorney that gets up to some pretty rotten stuff. But wait, there's more!

A good Christian mother commits an unforgivable sin and descends into a life of lust and commodity fetishism. A generously endowed theology major sprays a lot of something on someone. A stripper puts her butth… Wait, no spoilers!

A divorced guy moves to New Jersey. Some people die.

Somewhere drowning beneath gallons of bodily fluid is a plot about love, friendship, and the connection everyone shares with… child-murdering cannibals?

Warning: Vulgar, violent, explicit, Floridian, etc.


Read online Kim Pees, Sheryl Flees, and Mary Buys a Blender by Matt Godwin

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