Volume 1: Wolfs Howl-Revised

Talon, Prowl, Braum and Darkmane. 4 young warriors looking to train and better themselves for their own individual reasons of revenge, self-awareness and personal struggle. Master Frost. Ready to train these warriors until they break or find a way to become a team and survive themselves and their world. Greystone City. A city where power is taken and not given. A city where many a young fighter has come looking for power only to be left broken and defeated.

Will these young warriors be able to battle their inner doubts, fears, anger and hate in enough time to become a team to do battle against their enemies? Or will Greystone City not even give them a chance to make it out alive. 4 warriors. 1 city. 1 team.


Read online Klan Lore by Teddy Alford and Kervin Augustin

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