Kronos Rising Series Book 3

Winner tastes all

The most feared monster in human history is making humans . . . history.

Tartarus has earned its name. Having tracked a mortally wounded Sam Mot back to the Tube’s entrance, the revenge-obsessed Octopus giganteus female launches a ferocious assault on the submarine base. Its goal is to slaughter every living thing, including the facility’s caged pliosaurs.

As Tartarus’s woefully inadequate security forces engage the invading Kraken, an oblivious Dirk Braddock watches in horror as his body succumbs to the most virulent Cretaceous cancer strain of all – the one that destroyed his father.

While Dirk fights for his very soul, an infuriated Captain Natalya Dragunova arrives in Tartarus, armed and looking for payback. She plans to avenge her murdered crew and, per Garm Braddock’s last wishes, rescue his brother (rescue) Dirk in the process.

Unfortunately, the tough-as-nails sub commander has no idea what she’s walking into. Nefarious forces are waiting to put an end to her and everyone she cares about. Soon, she and Tartarus’s beleaguered survivors will be forced to confront the base’s most terrifying secret: a weapon designed to bring mankind’s tenuous mastery of the planet to an abrupt and apocalyptic end.

And around every corner, the Kraken waits.

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