A Biblical Guide to Making Progress On Purpose

This book is designed to help people grow in every area of their life in a Bible-based way.

Leveling up your life is packed with simple and powerful truths from the Word of God.
Rick takes the teachings from the Bible and distills them down into digestible and applicable portions that will change you from the inside out. As you progress through these pages, the Biblical principles contained therein will lead you to make intentional progress in five areas of your life:

  1. Spiritual (your relationship with God). You will learn how to grow spiritually so you can become the person God destined you to be.
  2. Financial (money with a mission). You will learn what the Bible says about money and how to use the resources God places in your hands to fund His Kingdom projects around the world.
  3. Physical (walking in divine health). You will learn that God wants you to live long and strong. Divine health is God's will for your life.
  4. Internal (being stable on the inside). You will learn how to maintain your inner peace. You will have peace on the inside, no matter what is going on, on the outside.
  5. External (establishing and maintaining the right relationships). You will learn about the key relationships the Lord wants you to have. He sends people to you to develop you, and He then sends others for you to develop. Understanding these relationships is key to living a successful Christian life.

May the Lord speak to you as you read this book, and may you apply what you learn. The goal is to be intentional about becoming the man/woman you are called to be. When you apply what you learn in this book, you will make progress on purpose!

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