Keys to unlock the door of suffering.

A personal message from the author:

The message of this book has been very heavy on my heart for many years.  Dealing with people in a clinical setting who are facing monumental challenges in the area of health brought about a myriad number of questions.  Much like loosing a loved one many people go through stages of grief when it comes to their own health.  Whether it be a diagnosis of cancer or a long-term debilitating disease.  Its in these times that individual’s faith is challenged.  Where is God when I hurt?  Why do bad things happen to good people?

Questions that they are afraid to ask others lest they think less of them. I wrote this book with these people in mind. I wanted to address these questions head on and give each person a chance to step back from their pain and see it from a different angle.  I have pulled o punches and challenged each person to look at their suffering in a different way.  I have brought 3 different individuals into the book to share their emotions in suffering and how they were able to pass through the valley of shadow of death and ascend to a higher place in their faith.

— Steven Paul Kielley

Have you ever looked toward heaven and said, “Please God I need your help?”. Have you ever felt overwhelmed with pain and suffering and tried to find meaning as you tried to make sense of your circumstances? Have you ever seen your hope drifting away from shore leaving you on a desolate island called discouragement? If so, this book is for you. In these chapters we face directly the hard questions of life and develop spiritual meaning from which we can restore hope, peace and joy regardless of our circumstances. The message in this book will increase your faith as you discover meaning in the trials of your life.


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