A personal note from the author:

With so much cancellation and media(tion) in woke culture writers are inclined to pull punches, i.e., not write as boldly and imaginatively as they might if the big bad Zeitgeist weren't looking over their shoulder like a schoolmarm of a superego rapping on fingers giving up their dance on the keyboard lest they be slapped with a ruler by the ruler of what can no longer be prose as wild as that of William Burroughs or as manic as Henry Miller who riffed bigly and dare I say sublimely in sharp contrast to the whiney candy ass white bread scribblers of these censored Ay yai yai Frito Bandito daze.

— Eric Madeen

Peek under the drape…

The body is in pain. So around the world the massage industry is booming, from airport massage bars and upscale spas to risque outcall and down-market parlors. By turns holistic and erotic but always zesty, Massage World is a multicultural thriller and concerns one driven massage therapist, Ingrid Swanson, opening a straight, grandiose health spa — Massage World — against the wishes of a wild parlor lord.

Jack Cobb endeavors to take her business over through massage wars where a corrupt undercover vice dick solicits unlawful “extras.” Zany media coverage of a raid incites a neighborhood organization to picket and protest and so much more. Until the cavalry comes in the form of a lesbian biker gang … making for a mind-blowing world of massage peopled with a rogues gallery found in the nether reaches of a Dionysian dream.

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