There's nothing like a good chick lit book to make you forget your troubles and escape into a world of romance.

The world of Chick Lit books is one that is often filled with lighthearted fun, romance, and humor. While the term Chick Lit is used to describe a wide range of novels, most of them share similar themes and characteristics. Like holiday romance or gritty relations.

When life gets a bit much, there's nothing like a good story about romance and humor to make me feel better. I've read so many of them. They're fun, they're light, and honestly? They're not just for women; sometimes, I pass one of my favorite reads to Joel. And you know what? He actually takes it on his holiday, but psst! Don't tell anyone!

I'm always on the lookout for a new book to read, and I've got a list. Want to hear about the ones I think will be big hits in the next few months? Follow my list, it starts with the most recent releases.

What Is The Difference Between Chick Lit and Romance Novels?

The term “chick lit” is short for “chick literature,” and refers to books written by and for women. Chick lit books are typically cheerful and focus on the personal lives of the main characters. In contrast, romance novels are stories that focus on the relationship between two people.

While chick lit books may have romantic elements, they are not focused on the development of a relationship. Chick lit is a genre of fiction that focuses on young women and their emotional lives.

What Are The Most Popular Chick Lit Books?

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Recipe for a Charmed Life, by Rachel Linden (2024)

Georgia May, a rising star chef in Paris, loses everything in one night: her dream job, her boyfriend, and worst of all, her ability to taste. Devastated and desperate, she flees to a remote island in Washington to reconnect with her estranged mother.

Surrounded by good luck charms, a handsome but hostile neighbor, and whispers of a hidden family legacy, Georgia embarks on a journey of self-discovery.

With time running out to achieve her Parisian dream, she uncovers secrets that force her to question everything she thought she knew about success, happiness, and the true meaning of a “charmed life”.

Check & Mate, by Ali Hazelwood (2023)

A former chess enthusiast, has distanced herself from the game after it caused upheaval in her family. Now primarily concerned with her family's welfare and her mundane job, she's thrust back into the chess scene when she unexpectedly defeats the world-renowned champion, Nolan Sawyer, known as the “Kingkiller.” This surprising win not only opens up opportunities for financial gains but also brings Mallory closer to the enigmatic Nolan.

As she climbs the competitive ladder, Mallory grapples with her renewed passion for the game and the complex feelings it arouses, all while striving to shield her family from the past shadows and navigating her tumultuous relationship with Nolan.

I felt a mix of anticipation and empathy when I read the story's premise. The intertwining of personal trauma with the intellectual world of chess created a unique and compelling narrative backdrop.

Happy Place, by Emily Henry (2023)

Navigating the pages of Emily Henry's Happy Place, one is immediately struck by the delicate balance of love's fragility and strength. The tale of Harriet and Wyn, a couple once inseparable, now clandestinely apart, is a poignant reflection on the lengths we go to protect those we care about. Set in the serene confines of a Maine cottage, a place drenched in memories and shared histories, the narrative unfolds with an urgency that tugs at the heartstrings. As the duo grapples with their concealed breakup amidst their unsuspecting friends, the story seamlessly integrates the dynamics of the larger group, painting a rich tapestry of interconnected relationships.

Henry's writing is a masterclass in emotional depth, capturing the silent torment of love lost and the hopeful glimmer of rekindling. The novel doesn't shy away from the multifaceted nature of grief, exploring not just the sorrow stemming from loss, but the aching nostalgia for cherished moments now in the rearview. Harriet and Wyn's unspoken bond, their silent exchanges laden with meaning, is a poignant testament to love's enduring spirit.

Happy Place is more than just a love story; it's a meditation on the complexities of relationships and the timeless dance of holding on and letting go. A compelling read that stays with you long after the final page.

The Lonely Hearts Book Club, by Lucy Gilmore (2023)

In this heartwarming novel, young librarian Sloane Parker forms an unexpected friendship with an old curmudgeon, Arthur McLachlan, in their small, quiet town.

Despite leading a seemingly lonely life, Sloane looks forward to her daily interactions with Arthur at the library, where they engage in playful banter. When Arthur suddenly stops visiting, Sloane becomes concerned and decides to track him down, only to find him bedridden but secretly pleased to see her.

To brighten Arthur's life, Sloane organizes an impromptu book club, attracting the town's lonely misfits who gradually discover the joy of newfound camaraderie. Through the shared experience of discussing their favorite books, the club members find solace in their unlikely friendships and realize that everyone has a special book in their heart, guiding them on a journey of self-discovery and connection.

I think the whole book concept is unique in many ways, if you want to read something refreshing this summer than this book could be a great choice.

The Only Game in Town, by Lacie Waldon (2023)

In the small, unchanging town of Redford, Georgia, freelance editor Jess Reid leads a safe and unremarkable life, caring for her mechanic father. When the town's eccentric benefactor, Jasper Wilhelm, suddenly passes away, he leaves behind an unexpected opportunity for the townspeople.

Financial advisor Carter Barclay, Jasper's grandson, finds himself spending his summer in Redford, unexpectedly entangled in his grandfather's final endeavor.

At Jasper's funeral, it is revealed that he has devised a high-stakes game for the residents, with the winning pair inheriting his fortune. He has already paired the participants, and tensions rise between Jess and Carter as the life-changing prize draws nearer.

As they grapple with the risks involved in changing their lives, a spirited love story unfolds.

Meant to Be, by Emily Griffin (2022)

John F. Kennedy's legacy continues to inspire authors all over the world, even in the most unlikely sets.

Joe's father was passed away prematurely. His mother hopes their only son not only follows in Kingsley's footsteps as a politician, but takes on his father's role as an aspiring lawyer, which is not his explicit interest. He is not inclined to further his legal education beyond what he has already finished.

I enjoyed reading the love story unfold between Cate and Joe. I love how they are able to make you believe in their decisions even if they don't seem to be ok all the time.

One Night on the Island, by Josie Silver (2022)

Cleo Wilder had decided to spend her thirtieth birthday alone, but her boss insisted that she go to a remote island in order to revitalize herself and discover new approaches to writing. Although she will leave her luxury hotel behind, she can at least get in a little self-care and not depend on anyone.

Mack Sullivan is hoping to spend some quiet time in his hometown. Having his life in Boston deteriorate as little by little, his quest to find the answers that he's desperately seeking is concerned with his origin. Unfortunately, he won't be able to reserve a room for a beachside. It turns out that he would be sharing his accommodations with a stranger called Cleo.

Cleo and Mack don't seem to mind each other’s company much anymore than they did at the start. But how their adventure will end?

Delilah Green Doesn't Care, by Ashley Herring Blake (2022)

Delilah Green vowed she would never return to Bright Falls. There was nothing there but the past she wants to forget.

Her life is in New York, along with her profession in photography gaining momentum and her love life finally works as she imagined. She's all right with different women every night, what could go wrong at the end of the day?

After a long time, Delilah's estranged sister, Astrid, offers a five figure payment to make her wedding photography. Delilah is then compelled to return home to her ‘cursed' little town where she spent her childhood.

If you are into exciting queer romances this chick lit book is definitely for you!

Lockdown on London Lane, by Beth Reekles (2022)

This story has some nasty moments, but it seemed to me that a lot of enjoyment could have been had if we were just stuck with the characters in the place. I'm not sure, but maybe it could be a nostalgic COVID Rom-Com this year.

A small apartment complex found a 7 days quarantine order on Sunday. This did not sound so bad, but it was actually quite disruptive for many couples. Some of them were separated, and some of them sticked together and 7 days could a be a very long time.

Liv was also there with her best friend and other members of the wedding party on a weekend planning session that went extremely well. But the girls did not have enough living space and all the arrangements led to some discomfort.

Imogen had a one-night stand with a young man whose name she forgot. She somehow managed to get out next day morning, but without luck since she had to return to her company to spend the rest of the week with him.

I liked the engaging cast of characters and found them intriguing.

Lease on Love, by Falon Ballard (2022)

Sadie Green is in desperate need of three things after being passed over for an overdue promotion. A stiff drink, a new place to live, and a one-night stand.

But when an accidental mix-up lands her on the doorstep of Jack Thomas's elegant Brooklyn brownstone, Sadie gets more excited about renting the property than she is about Jack himself.

The journey from roommates to lovers are always a delight to read. They are filled with witty banter, sexual tension, and heartwarming moments.

The book is about the story of Sadie and Jack who eventually fall in love. They have to overcome some obstacles along the way, but in the end they get their happy ending. This novel is sexy and sweet all at the same time. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good chick lit romance story.

With Love from London, by Sarah Jio (2022)

Val’s only eleven years old at the time, but her mother, Eloise, moves to London from her hometown of Claremont, California, leaving Val and her father on their own. This memory has a rough effect on Val's life something that she could never forget.

Years later Val learns the terrible news regarding her mother, Eloise passed. Val ends up to inherit a Primrose Hill apartment and the Book Garden, once belonged to her mother. As Val starts to discover her mother's life in London. She finds herself falling in love with the sky-blue third-floor flat and the plush bookstore. Soon realizing that her mother's life was far more exciting than she ever guessed.

The Reunion, by Meghan Quinn (2022)

Martin and Peggy Chance, who are celebrating their fiftieth anniversary, feel strongly that love should last a lifetime. With this in mind, they have modeled an exemplary relationship within their family.

However their three children didn't learn anything from their parents, they all struggle with their life and their relationships. Ford is the eldest, he is a workaholic and resists to enjoy romances. Cooper, the middle child, can't get over his divorce, until one day he reconnects with an eccentric local baker from his past. And Palmer, the youngest one, who is a world traveler and a real dreamer if we are speaking about love.

When, on their parents' anniversary, siblings make plans to celebrate, they'll have to work towards sibling infighting, romantic entanglements, and the inevitable end of their childhood.

The Secret Love Letters of Olivia Moretti, by Jennifer Probst (2022)

Priscilla, Devon, and Bailey, three sisters go on a women's retreat to the island of Amalfi in Italy and search for information that will help them solve their mother's past. They learn that Olivia (their mother) owned a house in Italy and hold some old love letters left by a person named “R”. Maybe she reunited with their father after the divorce or R is a stranger?

The story takes places in Italy, in a charming place, and we follow the events happening to the sisters to discover the identity of “R”. This is a real heartbreaker novel, for the lovers of deep emotions.

The Fashion Orphans, by Randy Susan Meyers and M.J. Rose (2022)

Gabrielle Winslow and Lulu Quattro are half-sisters. Gabrielle, the firstborn, was raised in luxury on Manhattan's exclusive Upper East Side. Now, at 55, her life as a Broadway costume designer married to a celebrated Broadway producer has ended up in a divorce. Lulu, who spent part of her childhood with her working-class Brooklyn grandparents, is grieving at 48. With no children either biological or adopted, her life has become reduced to her work at the Ditmas Park bakery that is owned by her late husband's family.

The two sisters arrive for the reading of the last will of their mothers. They anticipate to have a sizeable inheritance, that may help them to pay off their debts, and then to continue their life. But to their surprise, what their mothers had left was a storage closet filled with high-end designer clothing and Chanel accessories.

A heartwarming and memorable tale about the concept that one individual's absence can change how things are perceived and that establishing a bond through reminiscences can facilitate the retrieval of the past.

Deconstructed, by Liz Talley (2022)

Cricket, owner of a vintage store, has built an unlikely friendship with her new salesperson, Ruby.

Ruby knows how fast things can change after a turbulent journey. She's determined to have a new beginning by working for Cricket. But Cricket's life isn't a near ideal, she just heard a rumor that her husband Scott cheats her with the kids' tennis coach, Stephanie.

In attempting to catch the cheating husband, Cricket and Ruby devise a sequence of humorous subterfuges while deepening their newfound friendship.

A thoroughly enjoyable and laid-back chick lit book, that had me laughing several times.

Dream House, by Stephanie Fournet (2022)

Stella Mouton gets her parents' neglected house when it was left to her by her grandmother. Unfortunately, it is no longer wise to maintain or care for the house, so she rents it out.

My favorite characters were Pen and Tyler. We are here a huge lover of spirituality and tarot. Pen was such a bundle of witchy intuitive awesomeness. It was uniquely absorbing to read about the metaphysical stuff and philosophical thoughts.

I deeply cared about the characters, wanted to know their fates, and cried for their hopeless dreams.

Write My Name Across the Sky, by Barbara O'Neal (2021)

Life is simply feels great for Gloria (70), who is an influencer and lives in her Upper West Side loft with rooftop garden.

The story kick-off when she realizes that one of her past lover has been arrested for art theft and forgery. Only the matter of time when the authorities will come for her. While she is planning to leave the country, she invites her niece Willow to come to her New York City apartment  and stay.

Hoping to rebuild her life, Willow moves to New York with Gloria. Sam, Willow's sister, has always been a successful individual, having founded a video game company with her friend as a teenager. Now the company has deteriorated, and Sam is looking for help in saving it. As each of the young ladies struggle, secrets are brought to light. They must find a solution together in order to save their lives from collapse.

People We Meet on Vacation, by Emily Henry (2021)

Poppy and Alex have maintained their tight-knit relationship throughout their entire lives. While they are as different as two people can be, they still know how to get each other.

Since circumstances keep them physically apart, Poppy wants to remedy their quarrel by traveling to the same place every summer. Two years ago, they had a fight and had severed their relationship entirely. Poppy now needs to resolve the entire conflict by taking a place to go and reconnect with her favorite friend.

Poppy and Alex are bewitching together and I laughed as I read all their leisure banter and conversations. Poppy is the daffy one while Alex is the guileless one, but both are equally likable in their own way.

This is great friends to lovers book, that is well deserved the Goodreads Choice Awards in 2021.

The Heir Affair (The Royal We Book 2), by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan (2021)

Rebecca Porter is getting ready for the wedding of a lifetime. Her partner Prince Nicholas is madly in love too, but things go wild when a secret comes out. The wedding becomes a nightmare – a disaster that affects not only the couple, but also most of the guests involved.

The Queen goes bananas, as well as the public. The two decide to leave the public life and hide for a while, but sooner or later, they know they will have to get back to London. Eventually, they do. While they patched their relationship pretty well, the past comes back at them.

Things seem to be even worse this time, as more family secrets are about to come out and ruin her new royal life. The relationship is not the only thing the couple has to save, but the two partners also have to face a series of other conflicts.

How Lulu Lost Her Mind, by Rachel Gibson (2021)

Lou Ann Hunter's mother is a figure. She has been married five times, but also kicked out of three care homes due to insisting too much by male patients. She also suffers from Alzheimer's, which makes her life even more challenging. All she wants is spent her last years in her family home in Louisiana.

On the other hand, Lou Ann is a love guru and has built a financial empire teaching others about love and sex. Despite being exposed to her mother's dramatic and failed relationships, she has succeeded. But these days, her mother needs a full time caretaker and Lou Ann decides to help.

Upon reuniting, Lou Ann finds out that nothing really works. She gets help from a nurse who lives in, as well as a local handyman. However, challenges keep pouring one after another. Will she manage to pull it out?

The Jetsetters, by Amanda Ward (2021)

It all starts with a Jetsetter competition and 70 years old Charlotte Perkins decides to join. She comes up with a sexy essay and impresses everyone. All she wants is to get reunited with her long lost children – a famous actress, a venture capitalist and a harried mother. None of them seems to have the life they asked for though.

All in all, Charlotte wants to bring back the years when she looked after them. She was a single mother and meant everything to her kids. She wins the contest and her family packs everything up for the adventure of a lifetime – from sunny Greece to beautiful Italy and exotic Spain. However, the trip does not go according to the plan.

Old secrets come back to life, as well as memories from the past. The family has to confront all the demons that set its members apart. Bottom line, you end up with four adults who have no idea where their lives are about to take them.

Beach Read, by Emily Henry (2020)

Two writers with two different visions and ideas – this is what this book is about. Augustus loves happy endings, while January is all about atrocities and sad plots. They are completely different, but they have one thing in common.

The two must spend their next three months in neighboring houses. They are both suffering from blockages and none of them is doing too good. Until one day, when they decide to come up with some challenges.

Augustus has to write a black story, while January must come up with a happy novel. They both finish their books, but not before developing an interesting relationship. With time, January realizes her life could be different, so things take an unusual turn.

Love Your Life, by Sophie Kinsella (2020)

Ava is a romantic. She does not believe in apps or physical standards, but actual love in real life. After an ugly breakup, she decides to leave her love life behind and she focuses on writing – not before moving to a beautiful coastal place in Italy.

She is not allowed to use her actual name at this writers' retreat, so she goes by Aria. She meets a man who seems perfect, yet she knows his name is not real either. The two end up spending time together and visiting the Italian coast, but things do not always go in the right direction.

When they need to return to the real world in London, they realize that they are not who they thought they would be. Two completely personalities from two different words. Are they even compatible? Will it actually work?

If I Never Met You, by Mhairi McFarlane (2020)

Faking love is quite easy to a certain point, but then, how do you know when it is actually real? Laurie is in a relationship for over 10 years, but her boyfriend decides to end it. They work in the same company though. Furthermore, he gets a new girl and she gets pregnant straight away.

Laurie needs someone to show that she is moving on. She is still hurting, but she wants to show that she is back on her feet. Things could work in two different directions when she ends up in a broken elevator with one of the playboys at work.

He needs a respectable girlfriend, yet he does not believe in love. She knows that, but she needs someone good to look like she has moved on. It sounds like a good plan and the two decide to come up with a decent relationship. Will it work?

Last Tang Standing, by Lauren Ho (2020)

Nothing seems to go wrong for Andrea Tang. Her career is flawless and she keeps going up. She lives in a beautiful modern condo and she has a bunch of great friends who she always hangs out with in the hottest nightclubs around Singapore. She is about to become the first unmarried member of her conservative family, but she does not really need a man to make her life better.

Love kicks in when least expected though and Andrea discovers it the right way. She ends up connecting with a charming entrepreneur who seems to share a similar lifestyle. Eric Deng shows her what her life with him would be like, so she decides to give him a chance – the ideal person to match her future plans, as well as her family's acceptance.

Things do not really go in the right direction though, especially as there is someone else out there who has different plans. Her office rival Suresh Aditparan keeps sabotaging her relationship. He is not the type of person her family would approve, but he would do anything to get to her. Who is going to win in the long run?

How To Save A Life, by Lisa Steinke and Liz Fenton (2020)

The story is not new at all – you might have seen a few movies that follow it. However, it could be one of the best chick lit books for 2021 if you are after a love story. Dom is single – about 10 years after breaking up with Mia. He may believe he is over her, but he is not. Until one day, when he bumps into her.

Believing he has a second chance, he asks her out and she accepts. The two decide to start all over again and see whether or not it will work this time. The first date is dramatic though – Mia ends up dead. Dom is desperate and makes a wish – he wants the chance to save her life. The next morning, he wakes up to realize that she is alive.

The same day keeps repeating and no matter what he changes about it, she meets a tragic fate. Dom has to figure out a way to get Mia to live. He knows he might have to watch her die thousands of time before he can see her live, but he is willing to do anything he can to make it work.

The Two Lives Of Lydia Bird, by Josie Silver (2020)

This is the type of book that will answer a million questions in a warm and comfy manner. Everyone ends up with what-ifs out of nowhere, but especially in critical life situations. Well, this book is likely to provide good answer to most of these issues.

Lydia and Freddie have been together for ages. Things seem to be perfect, until Lydia turns 28. Freddie dies in a car accident and basically ruins her life. All she wants now is to hide inside the house and stay away from everyone, but she knows that Freddie would love her to enjoy her life.

What would have happened if Freddie was alive? Life takes an unusual turn, a bit of magic kicks in and Lydia ends up with Freddie – right before the accident. She gets a second chance at life and while she can travel between the two worlds, she finds it impossible to settle.

Love Her Or Lose Her, by Tessa Bailey (2020)

This is the kind of book that would make an excellent Netflix romantic comedy – and it probably will at some point. It follows the story of Rosie and Dominic – high school sweethearts and well in love. However, things do not seem to go in the right direction and Rosie feels a bit miserable about it.

Her ex-soldier partner is no longer who he used to be a decade ago. Her friends know it and they encourage her to demand more from her life. She decides to pursue her dream and open a restaurant, but she also goes for a marriage boot camp to rejuvenate the marriage.

The couple ends up in an exotic place, stuck with a pothead hippie. Never did Rosie believe her partner would change, but he ends up talking about his feelings, chilling on a pillow and interacting with nature. Their relationship is back on track, but Rosie finds out that Dominic has a secret.

You Deserve Each Other, by Sarah Bogle (2020)

This is one of the best chick lit books for 2021 if you are after dark comedies. Naomi and Nicholas are together for ages and they come from well ranked families. They get ready for a lavish wedding – only three months away.

However, she soon realizes that she is sick of him and she would not want to get married. Feeling miserable, she finds out that whoever gets out of the engagement will have to pay a hefty wedding bill. Nicholas is, however, in the exact same situation.

The two end up in a battle of pranks and sabotage stories, only to convince the other to quit the engagement. None of them has anything to lose, apart from the wedding bill, so they decide to finally be themselves.

The Love Square, by Laura Jane Williams (2020)

This is a cosmopolitan book that will give you good vibes. It follows Penny Bridge's story. She is not the luckiest when it comes to love and she only ends up scumbags. Until one day, when she runs into a great man.

She then meets another one and a third player comes in too. There are three remarkable men and each of them wants to be with her. It looks like everything has changed to 180 degrees, but which one of them is her soul mate?

This book will take you through a bunch of hilarious, unusual, cheering and sad stories as it follows Penny's exploration of romance and love. What does it take to fall in love and how can you tell if you go in the right direction?

Final Thoughts on the most Popular Chick Lit Books

Chick Lit books have always been my go-to for a cheerful escape.

I remember one summer, when I was going through a particularly tough time, I stumbled upon a Chick Lit novel at a quaint bookstore in town. That book became my sanctuary. I'd read it by the the forest near to my home. Since then, on rainy afternoons, I'd curl up on my couch with a cup of tea, getting lost in its heartwarming tales. That summer, I discovered the healing power of these novels.

I've since read countless Chick Lit books, each with its own unique charm. If you're ever looking for a book recommendation or a comforting escape, I'll always suggest get into the world of Chick Lit!

If you are looking for more chick reads, check out our favorite books for women.

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