Vol 1. Let's Get Organized

Motivation Drives Success. You’ve heard it before, but do you truly understand what that means? Too many of us stumble through life with grand dreams and unrealized plans. We begin projects only to drop them after a short time and losing motivation. It doesn’t have to be that way. Motivation can and should be a constant flow in your life. It does not matter what goals you set for yourself. Career, social standing, health or personal development are all internal motivations. We all achieve motivation differently.

We are all unique individuals trying to be our best selves. Where do you find your motivation? Motivation Drives Success explores the roots of self-motivation and how to cultivate that potential into power. Volume One focuses specifically on becoming organized, thus allowing you to begin aligning your personal objectives with your goals. It explores how we handle the unexpected bumps along the way and how life is anything but predictable. If you have the desire but are having trouble finding the drive, Motivation Drives Success is a must have. Stop procrastinating and unlock the keys to your ultimate potential today.


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