Jack Johnson and his wife Ruth live a quiet life in the small town of Elm Grove, Indiana. While life in 1949 rural America isn’t always easy, they enjoy a close and loving relationship with their extended family.

So when Jack finds his son-in-law murdered and his seriously injured daughter then dies in front of his eyes, he is devastated.

Taking in their young granddaughter, Emily, to raise as their own, Jack and Ruth are desperate to know the truth about the killings. But when the police fail to uncover any leads, Jack vows to do all he can to solve the case himself.
As he works feverishly to uncover a double killer, memories of another death haunt him. Jack’s 4-year-old son was taken from him years ago. He blamed God squarely for his loss on that occasion and he becomes increasingly certain that God has struck again, this time using a psychopath to do His bidding.

As he closes in on the killer, Jack, Ruth and Emily themselves become targets of a dangerous and warped mind. Jack knows that in order to succeed he must face his own mortality, save his family and somehow find a way to forgive.
But will he lose his life and his soul before he uncovers the truth?


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