Dakota Storm Book 1

Every day is a second chance, even in the face of impossible.

— T. J. Renner

My Navy Seal father trained me to survive the impossible. I’d never had to kill another human before, but, well, when they came at me, it wasn’t supposed to be easy.

There wasn’t a need for such training until terrorist explosions caused the ice fields to split apart and drift south into the Gulf Stream. Temperatures plummeted. A bitter cold had its way with the cities, and then the ground turned to ice and disappeared. Hundreds of thousands died.

The president ordered everyone to move south and make a new home anywhere they could find dirt. Survival brought chaos and killing. Our choice to stay in the frozen north seemed simple, but we had to adapt and live one step ahead of death.

My best friend is wolf named Asena. She is the only one I can talk to because my father, Decker Storm, is all business with my training. Our only neighbors are Mike and Phoenix McKenna. Phoenix is my age, and, well, there isn’t another boy for a thousand miles. His good looks make my stomach tickle.

Many people pass near us on the long journey south, in search of hope. The blood in their veins has slowed to a crawl. Each would kill for a cup of gasoline or a slice of bread. I promised myself to protect Phoenix from harm, no matter what. Well, I messed that one up big time. I wasn’t there when they came. I will find them and then deal with the rest.

Not Without Warning is a visually stunning dystopian thrill ride and a story that could soon be our reality. A must read for fans of Captain Marvel, The Hunger Games, Divergent or Wool. Boldly original, this page-turning debut is a rock-solid survival undertaking and altogether convincing.

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