Have you ever wondered what happens after you die? What about your soul? Whether or not you believe in something, that’s unknown territory. No one has come back from the dead to tell us what happens once we pass.

It could be the end of the world or perhaps just your own end. Whatever it is, I’ve gathered a bunch of books that will seriously make you question your existence.

Don’t get me wrong, these aren’t religious books trying to convince you about one thing or another. Instead, you’ll end up asking questions and perhaps gaining a few ideas about what might happen.

With these thoughts in mind, here are the best eschatology books I’ve read lately.

What Are Some Significant Eschatology (End Times) Books?

This Is Your Last Warning, by Donna Silveira (2023)

All religions out there have warned us about the end of the world. What happens when days are over? Exactly, it’s something we take for granted, so we haven’t really thought about it deeply. Besides, there are multiple interpretations about the end of our days, especially in Christian Scripture.

Things are more vivid than ever now. It looks like more and more people turn their back to God, mocking different religions, which end up fighting each other to prove themselves. It looks like lately, more and more people are concerned about self-fulfillment instead. It looks like the end has never been closer.

This book makes it crystal clear and analyzes all kinds of texts and interpretations from the Bible, as well as modern revelations occurring these days. Everything’s so well explained that it makes no difference what you believe in.

Combining old teachings from the Bible with modern prophecies into a detailed timeline, this book could be seen as a last warning that we need to do something about.

Donna Silveira's book is for believers who want to understand more about visions and messages from mystics. But it's not just for them. People who question or doubt these topics might also find it interesting. At its core, the book is great for anyone curious about the end times.

Marking the Masses, by Thomas J. Hughes (2023)

This is one of those books that makes you stop for a moment and ask yourself, what would you do if you could see the future? What if you lived in the past? Would you’ve done something to change the future?

According to the author, if the past world knew what today’s world would be like, people would’ve changed something. They would’ve feared this future and done something about it.

From my point of view, this book doesn’t try to change anything. Instead, it’s a wake up call. It tries to make you realize that we, the people, are going in the wrong direction. It makes no difference if you’re religious or not, it’s aimed at both believers and unbelievers.

The best part about it is the morale is given in the form of a novel. An elite group leading the world, an agenda that no one knows about, and a night that changed humanity in 1961.

That’s when the change began. Modern computerization in an age of mass-production and heavy industries had a massive impact on today’s society. We may not realize it, but think about your grandparents for a moment or perhaps the way people lived 100 years ago.

Compared to those times, we live in an enslaved society that controls pretty much every aspect of our lives. If you see it this way, the world's about to collapse, and sadly enough, we're part of this negative change.

The Josiah Manifesto, by Jonathan Cahn (2023)

This is by far one of my favorite eschatology books out there, let me explain why. It explains things from a different point of view and it analyzes mysteries that some of us may not even be aware of. Events that changed the world, death, and a message about the future, that's what you're about to learn.

Could a calendar made more than 3,000 years ago predict today’s society? Pandemics? Lockdowns? Wildfires? Exactly! How about those Capitol Hill events that shook everyone? Could they be associated with an ancient temple?

From the author's point of view, all these things are related. Ancient kings, predictions, and modern presidents. As weird as it may seem, you’ll discover some connections that actually make sense, even if no one has ever thought about them.

Then, like everyone else, you probably ask yourself what the future holds in store for us. Is there any hope? Why is history so relevant for today’s events?

This book will take you through some extraordinary puzzles that affect our lives and society. Sadly enough, if you take your time to follow this path, our lives won’t end up very well, but I believe it’s up to us to change everything.

Has the Tribulation Begun?, by Amir Tsarfati (2023)

Christian eschatology has never ceased to impress me and if you’re like me, you probably know already that the more you read about it, the more questions will pop up. And then you read some more, trying to find answers to even more questions.

There is no doubt about it, more and more people find interest in prophecies from the Bible, especially given today's events. There's a high cultural anxiety out there and many Christians are already thinking the tribulation mentioned in Revelation is here.

Interpreting all these considerations from the Revelation in a modern way, the author aims to help us become familiar with the signs in the Bible, how we can actually understand prophecies and the tribulation, but also how permanent focus gives us the hope needed to survive in today’s society.

Many of us may not necessarily be familiar with the teachings in the Bible, but this is your opportunity to learn more, not to mention how they apply to today’s events.

This is the type of book that will open your eyes, but also teach you about old-fashioned predictions that have never seemed more relevant.

Revelation for the Rest of Us, by Scot McKnight and Cody Matchett (2023)

The Bible is split into more books and the last of them can seriously frighten you. If you haven’t read it, let me tell you it describes everything with an apocalyptic tone and a negative approach. Now, this book is often interpreted with fear, but the authors have managed to decode it in an easy to understand way.

The authors aim to decipher the messages hidden in that book. As many religious texts have been proven relevant in today’s society, many of the aspects in this last book are also likely to be reality.

There is, indeed, a call to be faithful. And if you’re not too religious, it may not necessarily make sense to you. But then, there’s more than that, as the authors try to stimulate our imagination and help us see the world with different eyes.

There are no doubt about it, the world’s facing a plethora of challenges. From oppression and exploitation to economic unrest and injustice, many of these things are actually mentioned in the last book, but with a hidden meaning.

The book will help you see the revelation from a different aspect, but it will also teach you about the meanings associated with it.

I’m warning you, it could be scary and negative at times, but at the end of the day, it’s the reality we live in and we have to face it. Are our final days here? Only one way to find out.

Humanity, by John S. Hammett and Katie J. McCoy Ph.D (2023)

This book is written with four different concepts in mind, four concepts that most people can agree with, whether religious or not.

First of all, humans are creatures. Second, humans can be understood based on the intentions of their creator. Third, these intentions are clearly described in the Bible. And finally, humans can enjoy a fulfilling life experience only when they live their lives based on their nature.

Let me simplify this for you. Each of us has a purpose in life. We have individual purposes in life, as well as a more general one described in the Bible.

Authors aim to help you understand why you’re here, at this time. They also go through the issues associated with today’s society, as well as the catastrophic dangers we’re exposed to.

It’s not too late to change something, but we must approach our lives with different eyes in order to make things better. Otherwise, what’s going to happen to our souls?

While it does offer many answers and guidance, I think this book will also raise even more question marks, opening your desire for more Christian eschatology literature in the future.

Final thoughts

These are some of the best eschatology books I’ve been through lately. There is, indeed, a religious approach to most of them, but I believe anyone has something to learn from them, whether to satisfy their curiosity or to find a better purpose in life. Like I said, it makes no difference if you’re religious or not.

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