Realm Wars Series

Having awoken with no recollection of his past, twenty-year-old Drake must try to make his way in a world ravaged by war. From dragons, to magic, to super-advanced robots; everyone is looking to hunt him down because of powers he didn't even know he had. Join him as he struggles to begin his journey and uncover the truths behind a war that has raged on for centuries.

A personal message from the author:

I've been coming up with stories and writing them down since I was in grade school. I've always wanted to put one of those stories out there, but I was nervous to pull the trigger and not happy with my work at that point in time. After several changes and revisions (both as a person and with the book), I've finally developed this story to the point where I feel it's good enough to be put out there as a first-time author.

— Nic Rollins


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