The Miracle of PIE

Latest technology to eliminate glasses and contact lenses from your life. Imagine having the vision of your younger self. Imagine throwing away your contacts, progressives, and readers because you now have 20/20 vision that even continues to improve through the years. To have a reversal of the aging process and even preventing cataracts from ever hindering your new vision. This ground-breaking advancement is called Presbyopic Implant in the Eye (PIE).

PIE starts from where lasik eye surgery hit a dead end. Lasik above 45 years of age takes away reading and middle vision. If done in thirties inability to read surface in the late forties. People confuse this with lasik fading away. PIE delivers permanent vision for distance middle and near in each eye. It is superior to monovision. Yes, it is eternal. PIE is the only definitive way to prevent cataracts.
PIE is a pain free procedure built on the edifice of great communication between surgeon and patient. Usually this has been found to be lacking. This book steps in and helps to bridge that chasm between the surgeon and patient. The book is written in easy to understand English and avoids the medical jargon used in doctor’s office. Our experience has shown that patients understand a little of what the doctors tell and retain even less.

A personal message from the author:

There is no educational informative book on latest technology of presbyopic implants and lasik written by an eye surgeon for consumers.
Internet is full f marketing and sometimes half truths. In fact American Academy of Ophthalmology conducted a research which showed only 60%of information on internet is correct.
So I wanted to write a book in simple language without medical jargon.It is easy to understand and can be read at leisure. It can be used anywhere in the world to discuss with your eye surgeon the pros and cons of procedures.

— Rajesh Khanna


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