Memories of a world war are fading, rumblings that will become the Second Vatican Council have replaced sirens in the air, and the city of Rome is moving into the modern era. After a childhood marred by profound loss, Evelina anticipates a safe future she can fill with the joys of service and warm relationships. The entry into her life of a dark, dangerous entity, however, may be the undoing of her plans. A lifelong friend, Father Ennio, has skills that will be of help, but Evelina will have to call upon unique and mysterious gifts of her own to unravel the secret behind her stalker's intentions. Will she be able to dig deep enough to unearth the strength for a fight to preserve her future, her life, and her immortal soul?

A personal message from the author:
“You may have heard it said that one should write the book one wishes to read and that is what I have done with “Saverio – A Tale of the Vampire”. For years I searched for action-driven (get me from here to there already) spooky stories with strong female characters. As an oft-disappointed fan of vampire stories, I needed this book so I wrote it myself. If you enjoy classic stories reminiscent of old black and white horror films but without the misogyny, “Saverio” might buy your book, too.”
M Kathleen Robbins 

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