Scum Island Series Book 1

Inspired by a survival game called, Scum

Fong, a 30-year-old man who dared to stand for truth, is trapped in the deadly game of Scum Island. Driven to expose an evil corporation, Fong's integrity leads to his capture and placement on the island, where survival becomes a perverse form of entertainment. Stranded and left to the whims of a brutal rating system, Fong and his fellow captives must earn fame points—through battling monstrous foes and one another—for the bare necessities.

As they gather points, they navigate the omnipresent threat of a kill switch implanted by the corporation, a numerical tattoo on their arms, and the shifting alliances of the game. But survival is only the beginning. As the stakes rise, an unexpected betrayal and shocking revelations compel Fong and his band of survivors to challenge the corporation at its very core.

Prepare for heart-stopping action, emotional intrigue, and unexpected twists in this uncut downable narrative where the line between game and reality blurs, and survival is just the first move on the board.

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Excerpt from Scum Island: Stand for Truth No Matter the Cost © Copyright 2023 Michael Lee

Clad in tactical gear and armed with an assortment of weapons, he surveyed the area, his eyes scanning for any signs of movement. The sun hung low in the sky, casting eerie shadows that danced across the decimated landscape.

Silently, he moved through the remains of what once looked like a thriving town, his footsteps masked by the eerie silence that hung in the air. The distant sound of gunfire and explosions echoed through the surroundings, a haunting symphony of chaos. With each step, he grew more aware of the tension building within him, the adrenaline coursing through his veins like liquid fire.

Up ahead, a flicker of movement caught his attention. Crouching behind a burnt-out car, he watched as an enemy cautiously surveyed the area. The man, dressed in a uniform that mirrored his own but in a different color, was unaware of the imminent threat closing in on him.

Without hesitation, the lone warrior leaped forward, his finger tightly gripping the trigger of his assault rifle. A hail of bullets erupted from the muzzle, tearing through the air with deadly precision. The enemy crumpled to the ground, his lifeless body evidence to the skills and determination of his attacker. The shots echoed through the ruins, a grim reminder of the life-and-death struggle in this forsaken place.

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