Tooth Fairy is an important partner of parents. Hence it is a folklore, the Fairy is a lovely fantasy for children and we love the stories connected to her. Let's see some cute books in this genre.

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Tooth Fairy Wishes, by Andre Calbert

A magical ride and a guide for kids who have just lost a tooth and are looking forward to exchanging it for a gift from the Tooth Fairy!

It also teaches children the importance of taking care of their teeth by brushing, flossing, limiting sugar, making healthy food choices, drinking water, and going to the dentist.

Peppa Pig: Peppa and the Tooth Fairy, by Neville Astley

Peppa Pig has lost her first tooth. With the tooth safely under her pillow, Peppa waits for the Tooth Fairy to arrive! Everyone loves a visit from the Tooth Fairy. It's magic! Includes handy tips from Dr Elephant, the dentist, on looking after your teeth.

Brianna the Tooth Fairy, by Daisy Meadows

Kirsty's loose tooth just fell out, and she and Rachel can't wait for Brianna to visit. But Brianna doesn't come to leave a treat under Kirsty's pillow — she comes because she needs the girls' help! Can they track down the missing magic for their new fairy friend? Or is Kirsty's lost tooth a lost cause?

The Tooth Fairy Wars, by Kate Coombs

Nathan’s lost his first tooth! And he’s thinking he’ll hold on to it, so thanks-but-no-thanks, Tooth Fairy. This is one tooth that is staying with its owner.

Except the Tooth Fairy has other ideas. And we’re not talking about some run-of-the-mill garden fairy here. No, this is the Tooth Fairy. She’s on a tooth procurement mission—and she’s not about to let some little boy get the best of her.

How to Catch the Tooth Fairy, by Adam Wallace

From losing your first tooth to waiting for the arrival of the mysterious tooth fairy, How to Catch the Tooth Fairy celebrates this special event in your child's life with a lively story of the tooth fairy's escape from some very determined kids! Get ready to laugh along with this zany story as the tooth fairy dodges traps, drool, dental floss webs, and more in this fun bedtime book for kids that combines silly rhymes and bright illustrations with STEAM concepts! Can you catch her?

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