A Rollo Michaels Novel

When PI Rollo Michaels does a few “favors” for a gangster friend of his late father, he becomes entangled in the strings of Mafia puppeteer “Big Vinnie” Costello. While on a New York family vacation with his daughter, son, and fiancée, Rollo comes under the scrutiny of the FBI. His subsequent beatdown and arrest for assaulting an FBI agent is witnessed by his children, drawing the unrelenting wrath of his ex-wife, and yet another wedding postponement by his fiancée.

Hoping to stave off further federal entanglements, the partners of Michaels & Associates urge Rollo to cut his ties to Don Vincenzo Costello before chaos reigns from coast-to-coast. But more requests for favors draw Rollo deeper in. A mafia hit team races a multi-jurisdictional taskforce to locate a serial killer headed to LA, while the Russian Mafia attempts to assassinate Big Vinnie.

Will the resulting maelstrom suck Rollo down?


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