Follow the journey of a small dragon who must find the courage to save his village

The Sleepytime Tales Book 1

The Brave Little Dragon is a children's bedtime story that follows the journey of a small dragon who lives in a peaceful village with his family and friends. The dragon's village is suddenly attacked by a group of evil trolls who want to steal their treasure and destroy their homes. The brave little dragon is the only one who can save his village, but he is afraid and unsure of how to fight the trolls.

With the help of his wise old grandmother and a friendly butterfly, the little dragon sets out on a journey to find the courage and strength to defeat the trolls and save his village. Along the way, he faces many challenges and obstacles, including dangerous creatures, treacherous terrain, and his own doubts and fears.

As he progresses on his journey, the little dragon learns valuable lessons about bravery, determination, and friendship. With the help of his newfound courage and the support of his friends and family, he finally confronts the trolls and saves his village from destruction.

The story is a heartwarming tale of perseverance and courage, designed to inspire young children to overcome their fears and stand up for what is right. It is also a fun and exciting adventure that kids will love, with colorful characters and vivid descriptions that bring the dragon's world to life.

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