Faith Based Service in a Toxic World

Executives of real faith hold not just the keys to the boardroom and the financial success of their companies but the keys to the kingdom of God. You can build a purpose-driven business. You can help others reach their godly potential. You can be a role model of integrity, humility, and courage. You can minister to the world from your office. You need this. Your employees need it. Your customers need it. The kingdom needs you to be servant hearted. That’s The CEO Imperative!

Growing up in a small south Georgia town, Chris saw that faith drove how people engaged and served their business and community with purpose. With 25 years of working with small business owners, corporate CEOs, non-profit executives, and elected officials Chris introduces a new, faith based servant-hearted imperative to build better work environments for customers, clients, team members and the public.

The CEO Imperative seeks to change the current narrative by illustrating the values and principals business executives must adopt to tackle society's most pressing challenges.

Through researched data, interviews with corporate and governmental leaders, Biblical references and personal experiences, Chris provides readers with actionable advice and a new perspective on:

  • The importance of character, purpose, wisdom and service.
  • Learning how to discover and maintain authenticity.
  • Holding onto beliefs and values for an uncompromised character in business settings.
  • Sharing a passion for purpose with others.
  • Investing in building a culture of service within yourself and your team.

Perfect for entrepreneurs, c-suite executives, and other leaders of faith, The CEO Imperative helps readers carry their faith into every part of their business life and tackle today's corporate and community challenges.

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