The ultimate fight between good and evil.

In a galaxy torn by the malevolent acts of Lucifer's descendants, chaos reigns across countless worlds, leaving their inhabitants in despair. Amid this darkness, a group of valiant warriors known as the Cydarions emerges, bound by their deep faith and a mysterious Calling. These heroes, hailing from the secluded citadel on the remote planet of El’ Azar, embark on an interstellar quest through portals that whisk them across space and time. Their mission is clear: to halt the spread of evil and corruption that threatens the very fabric of civilization.

As they journey through unknown territories filled with peril, they discover not only the mysteries of the worlds they aim to save but also deeper truths about themselves and their shared destiny.

The Cydarions' path is fraught with challenges as they confront an enemy evolving in cunning and strength. Their unity and resolve are tested, leading to devastating losses and the need for personal and collective growth.

Xania, a young warrior trained since birth for this moment, faces a crisis of identity upon meeting Beau Dary, a bounty hunter whose influence forces her to question her life's purpose. Meanwhile, Nyk grapples with a crisis of faith, and Shearon unveils the harrowing past of their home world. With the survival of multiple worlds at stake, these warriors must confront their doubts and fears, adapting to new realities.

The fate of the universe rests on the shoulders of these guardians of peace, who must navigate their inner turmoil to rekindle the light of hope and justice.

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