The 8 Layers to Outwardly Live What You Inwardly Desire

Ever wonder what the purpose of your life is or how you can experience it with more meaning? Do you feel as though something is missing and desire an improved quality of life?

How do we organize ourselves, our work, and our lives to better cultivate what people need to survive and thrive each day?

Your life purpose can be differentiated between the part of you that is the physical and the spiritual. They work together, but express themselves uniquely. There is the “the doing” and “the being”. The doing is your 9-5 life – how you spend the hours in your day. The being’s purpose is your soul's more overarching goals, such as you are here to learn everything you can about trust, love, patience, sportsmanship, courage, etc. which will be learned in any activity you choose.

The goal of “The Flow Life Funnel” is to lead you to doing more of what you love so that you can grow in your spiritual purpose through activities that excite you. Wouldn’t it be awesome to develop your soul's mission and purpose through activities or work that brought you more joy? Life can teach us lessons in many ways, and we might as well be doing something we enjoy while we are evolving. But how do we find out what is the best match for our soul's purpose?

That is where The Flow Life Funnel comes into play. You can wake up everyday doing something that lights you up, that solves problems in a loving wholehearted way, or adds value to the world and to you …and hopefully all four! Life is meant to be lived in flow.

You can be propelled into that abundant existence, which is so much more than living in survival mode, working to pay bills, or struggling to keep your head above water. You are designed to live a life in flow.

In her role as a self-leadership coach and founder of a nonprofit charity, Eva Payne has discovered the eight layers to uncover how to live a life that fuels the soul and ignites one’s purpose and passions by filling needs in our world today.

“The Flow Life Funnel” is a guide, a roadmap, to design a life in alignment with who you have always been and who you deeply desire to become. You can wake up everyday in love with what you are creating and who you are creating it with. Generating a meaningful life is possible when combining the eight layers of the Flow Life Funnel so you can move courageously toward your deepest heart's desires.

Dive into a new perspective on how to live, which will lead you to improved self-awareness, ideas on how to move more easily toward joy, and clarity on how to evolve into a purposeful life you are in love with that will create a ripple of goodness.

You can find your purpose in life with the help of The Flow Life Funnel. Finding flow in everyday life can be a challenge when you find yourself asking, “What is my purpose in life?” This is the flow book, ebook, and audio book that will change your life. When you ask, “What do I do with my life?” This book will lead you toward clarity around your career and how to find fulfilling work, leading to more joy. You will better be able to answer the question of, “How do I know what career path to take?” for yourself.