A guide to finding your life's purpose

“What is the meaning of life?” Throughout history, people have spent much of their lives trying to explain how the world works and why. Initially, they seek to live better lives and thrive. Ultimately, they seek to find purpose and significance in their existence.

Experience the scientific and philosophical journey billions of years in the making to answer the question that all living beings capable of rational thought will ask themselves: why are we here? Over the course of that journey, you will come to understand how humans determine their meaning and, with some of your own analysis, discover your own purpose along the way.

Message from the author:
“If you are lost, depressed, or just curious, this book is for you. I put my heart, soul, 30 years of research, and seven years of writing into this book so you can have a single, comprehensive guide to understanding how life works and meaning is found. You'll be amazed at both how simple the answers are yet how complex the explanations are. Most importantly, you do not have to follow my rules for living or any traditions or rituals that may or may not make sense for your life situation. It just offers the core components for how you can find meaning and then gives you an approach to putting them all together to find your purpose in life.”
— Nathanael Garrett Novosel

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