The Super Practical Pregnancy Guide for Men: Master the 9 Month Journey & Become the Ultimate Supportive Partner 

The New Dad Code is a comprehensive guide for expectant fathers, offering practical advice, supportive techniques, and tools to navigate impending fatherhood with confidence and ease, ensuring a smooth journey ahead for both you and your partner.

Facing fatherhood can be overwhelming, with a mix of excitement and anxiety about doing everything right for the new baby and the partner. This guide understands those feelings, reassuring future dads that they're not alone in this journey. It's crafted to ease worries by providing practical advice on how to be an amazing partner during pregnancy and a great dad. The focus is on learning the essentials of pregnancy, ways to support your partner effectively, and tips for keeping the relationship strong. It's all about preparing for parenthood with confidence, using straightforward tips and strategies that are easy to follow.

Maddox King, a father of three, shares his wisdom, offering a unique blend of advice from both a dad's and a mom's perspectives. This guide is tailored specifically for dads-to-be, stripping away unnecessary fluff to focus on what really matters. It includes survival checklists, a guide to mental wellness, and meditation audios, all designed to help dads stay organized, calm, and prepared. This book goes beyond just surviving pregnancy; it's about thriving in your new role as a dad, ensuring you and your partner enjoy the journey to parenthood together, feeling fully supported and understood every step of the way.

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Excerpt from The New Dad Code © Copyright 2024 Maddox King and Flora King


I'm standing in the middle of a bustling IKEA, staring at a crib's assembly instructions that might as well be hieroglyphics. On my left, a young couple is debating the merits of organic versus

non-organic baby wipes. To my right, a pregnant woman, who could go into labor at any minute, is instructing her partner on the importance of getting the perfect shade of blue for the nursery. And there I am, amidst it all, wondering, “Is there a course on how to be a dad, and why didn't I enroll in it?”

If you're reading this, chances are, you can relate to the excitement, apprehension, and whirlwind of emotions that come with the knowledge that you're about to be responsible for another human life. But with the joy also comes the pressure—from picking the right baby gear and understanding what's happening with your partner's body to grappling with the financial, emotional, and lifestyle changes that a baby brings.

You might be thinking, “Why is pregnancy so complicated for fathers?” As men, we aren't just bystanders. We’re active participants in this journey, albeit without the morning sickness and swollen ankles. Yet, while our partners have an array of pregnancy books, apps, and mommy blogs, we're often left wondering where our manual is. Where's the guide that breaks down the dad's role in pregnancy, labor, and those life-altering first months of parenthood?

That’s where this book comes in. I'm Maddox King, a born-and- raised Californian in his mid-40s, juggling the roles of seasoned software engineer and dad to three amazing kids (not to mention our two mischievous dogs). Yeah, life's a riot in the King household!

You'd think being an engineer—someone who thrives on solving puzzles—would have given me an edge when it came time to step into the realm of crying babies, midnight feedings, and lots of diapers. I approached fatherhood with the same rigor I applied to my projects—diving deep, researching, and engaging in a fair amount of trial and error. Natalie, my firstborn, was the start of a crazy adventure full of those, “Well, I didn’t see that coming!” moments.

Even with all of my analytical prowess and “engineer’s mindset,” there were moments when I felt entirely out of my depth. I quickly learned that, sometimes, the best solution isn’t fixing a problem, but just being there, supportive and present. For me, this journey was filled with laughter, frustration, 3:00 AM dances to soothe crying babies, and the inexplicable joy of watching my children take their first steps.

With three kids in tow, I've had my fair share of parenting epiphanies. And trust me, each one was an adventure unto itself—a puzzle that required a different approach. Over the years, I've honed my fathering skills, diving deep into the nuances of parenting— especially from the perspective of a dad. My five-year-long quest to understand the essence of fatherhood, coupled with my firsthand experiences, shaped my journey and gave birth to this guide.

This isn't just a technical manual penned by a detached author in an ivory tower. This is my heart and soul—and a generous sprinkle of those “Oops, I did it again” moments. This book is a testament to my belief that every dad, whether they are elbow-deep in code or not, can navigate the choppy waters of fatherhood with grace, humor, and a whole lot of love.

What sets this book apart? It’s tailored for you—the modern man who’s not just looking to be a provider, but who wants to be actively involved, emotionally connected, and the best possible partner. This is a book for the dad who wants to understand what’s happening during each trimester—the man who seeks to know why his wife is craving pickles dipped in chocolate at 2:00 AM, and who’s just trying to figure out how to assemble a crib without losing his sanity.

Remember those legendary tales we read as kids about explorers braving new worlds and venturing into the unknown? Think of this journey into fatherhood as your own personal expedition. You will encounter the wilderness of diaper changes, the treacherous terrain of sleepless nights, and the elation of reaching milestones like your child's first smile. Like any explorer, your biggest asset isn't the equipment you carry (though a sturdy diaper bag does help), but rather the attitude you possess. A sense of humor will be your compass, love will be your map, and patience will be your most trusty hiking boots.

I recall one of my earliest experiences, when I was trying to master the fine art of swaddling. It seemed simple enough, yet my daughter ended up looking more like a mini-burrito than the serene, swaddled baby on the package. And let's not even get into my first attempt at a diaper change. Suffice to say, it was…explosive. In moments like these, I realized that no amount of reading or preparation can truly prepare you for the unpredictable joys and challenges of fatherhood. But, that being said, having a guide sure makes the journey smoother.

In this book, we'll delve into the practical, emotional, and sometimes downright hilarious aspects of being an expectant father. We'll demystify those nine months leading up to delivery day, ensuring you're well-prepared—whether it's choosing the right car seat or knowing the secret tricks to soothe a crying baby. And, at the end of each chapter, we've added a special section: “From a Woman’s Perspective.” These are not general statements from random mothers, but heartfelt words directly from my own wife. She has graciously penned down her thoughts, emotions, and the tidbits she wished I was privy to during her pregnancies, providing an authentic and intimate peek into the maternal psyche.

“Why trust me?” you may ask. Beyond my own paternal escapades, I've interviewed countless dads, sourced wisdom from experienced parents, and even picked the brains of obstetricians and pediatricians. Every anecdote, strategy, and bit of advice in this book is rooted in real-life experiences, ensuring that the guidance is practical, profoundly personal, and backed up by real evidence.

Before we dive in, let me leave you with a thought. Parenthood is a roller coaster, complete with exhilarating highs and a few nerve- wracking drops. But remember, roller coasters are a heck of a lot of fun. So, strap in and get ready to enjoy the ride. Let's embark on this exciting journey of fatherhood together.

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