Life Around Success

When you dream of success do you look up at the clouds or down at your feet? It’s to get real about real-life success.
A case study of epic proportions, offering you exclusive analysis of the many forms success can take.
This all-in-one companion, roadmap, and Bible is everything you need to succeed.

If you have previously read Solving the Secrets of Success, you no longer need this book.

After 25 years of coaching others towards success, there’s one thing author J.D. Goldsky knows to be absolutely true: success is not complicated. With the proper roadmap in hand, anyone can be on their way to the nearest ocean, building, or next level of their life. Without comprehensive tools and the skills to decipher experiences as a way of understanding how one obtains success, we are lost. However, in this book, everything you need is in place to take the many diverse cases studied and implement their success into your own life. Consider this your very own Bible for success.

Introducing, The Successful Bible: Life Around Success, a comprehensive analysis of successful people, habits, and experiences. Taking a look instead at everyday individuals whose stories of success and xenophobia, sexuality, unscrupulousness, crime, pride, hypocrisy and others gives you a fresh perspective on the many faces and shapes that success takes. Forget about the Musk’s, Buffett and Bezos’ of this world. It’s time for you to define success on your terms just like hundreds of other ordinary people just like you.

What to expect inside:

  • Detailed analysis of real-life cases studied for your benefit
  • 25 years of both academic and hands-on experience coaching for success
  • A true, native tale that speaks directly to you and encourages your next step

Get ready to uncover things you may have never considered before! Get ready to bring its many lessons into your home, your mind, and your life.


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