An Inspirational and Educational Children's Picture Book about Diversity, Inclusion, Love and Friendship (An Emotions and Feelings Book)

I asked Tiny, “How did you come into this world?”

“Phew! Like a fart!” he replied, suddenly hurled!

Tiney Tiny Turner I Feel Different is about a mixed race boy called Tiney Turner who is born tiny and therefore different from his peers. It focuses on diversity and inclusion of children with physical and hidden disabilities and encourages our children to embrace their special different attributes because this is what makes each of them unique.

It is ridden with humour, love and friendship and focuses on teaching children that regardless of your size, looks, gender, race, colour etc that uniqueness is a gift to be cherished. It celebrates the beauty of our differences and embodies the incredible diversity that exists in our world to inspire empathy, understanding, compassion and acceptance in the hearts of children.

The book also teaches children the value of kindness and the importance of embracing what makes us special which shines brightest when we celebrate the differences that makes us who we are. It is a book which will resonate with parents, carers, teachers and kids alike.

This book is appropriate for all ages and uses kind inclusive words such as appreciate, great, special, divine, together, okay, celebrate, gifts, yourself, fine and so much more.

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