Whenever a discussion about the greatest basketball players of all time comes up, LeBron James is a name you can’t miss. The star is known for his magic moves on the basketball court, excellent dribbling skills, brilliant shoot scores, and consistently well-executed game plan. Things that have shaped him into the legend he is today. The following LeBron James books reflect the real sportsman behind the NBA image.

For decades LeBron has won numerous championships and awards, has built a successful business empire, and has made an impact through his activism. For a player like that, it is just an obvious fact that biographies and books have been written about or by him.

Whether you are a basketball enthusiast or not and would like to familiarize yourself with the basketball’s renowned star, below are LeBron James books to show you how amazing he is. We have mixed up titles appropriate for fans of all ages.

What Are the Best LeBron James Biographies?

LeBron James, by Heather E.Schwartz (2022)

For Children (8-14)

Heather is a phenomenal writer who discovered her passion for writing and interviewing guests at a young age. Since her work is so promising, you will definitely get the gist of the whole story about NBA basketball superstar LeBron James in this book.

It is an insightful book, crafted into 48 pages, ideal for young basketball fans above ten. They will love the inspiring story of the legendary basketball player who defied all odds against him to become a national champion. It is interesting how LeBron is portrayed in this book, and his perseverance makes it a wonderful read.

The book also shows how LeBron had to keep from drugs and bad influences even though he was a famous and enthusiastic player. These will be important lessons for young ones, especially if they idolize LeBron.

Through this LeBron James book, Heather expresses a message of hope that even when life throws all kinds of challenges, you must rise above them. I love that through LeBron's story; the book shows you that you can become an inspirational national model with hard work and a positive attitude. Heather reveals all manner of personal and professional developments of the life of LeBron James that can help you become the person you are meant to be.

LeBron, by Brian Boone (2022)

Brian has laid out all the secrets to LeBron’s successful career that have made him this powerful and an icon. This book is inspirational, with clues about LeBron’s former high school highlights of being named ‘The Chosen One.'

Brian details the rise of this unique Akron skinny player who has earned massive accolades in world-class championships. He remains outstanding and the reigning NBA king, having won three teams, four NBA championships, four MVP awards, three Olympic medals, and eighteen All-Star selections over the past two decades.

This book also contains Lebron’s success in entertainment history and details of how he is a savvy investor and an activist against social injustices. In addition, you will discover the highs and lows he has experienced, like his struggle of not having a fatherly figure who could hold his hand, and you will love how this book's art captures a champion's heart.

This is one of the insightful LeBron James biographies if you are trying to make dreams that seem almost impossible come true. Alongside its life lessons from the king, it contains motivational quotes, Lebron’s most spectacular achievements, and truths to guide you toward a path of excellence.

LeBron James, by Clayton Geoffreys (2015)

This book outlines LeBron’s story through all his most significant wins and losses. You will get details about his journey in the NBA as he came from a once-doubted leader to one of the renowned title contenders.

Few players get excited crowds like LeBron, and it doesn’t take the obsession of a basketball enthusiast to recognize and respect LeBron’s name. All over the world, his fans idolize him due to his unbelievable athletic prowess once he gets on the court. This is how LeBron has become one of the basketball professionals and a respected player.

However, if you do not know how his success came to be, you need to grab this book. You will learn how he got into the league, his first Cleveland trip, four years in Miami, and his point of view on his future. This book essentially paints a picture of what makes LeBron great with details of his personal and professional life.

You will follow through his AAU tournaments, immediate NBA breakout, and forever-changing basketball hierarchy. You may not know it, but despite LeBron’s high praise, when he joined the Miami Heat in 2010, his villain persona didn’t work in his favor.

Shooting Stars, by LeBron James, and Buzz Bissinger (2009)

Shooting Stars is an inspiring story of the King of Basketball, LeBron James. This is a powerful book infused with the creative skills of award-winning author Buzz, narrating the tale of the transformative power of teamwork among a young group of friends, Shooting Stars, and James's life.

You will love the journey of how the group met and carried each through a lifetime of meaningful relationships. Beginning with LeBron himself, Akron, who was part of a basketball youth team, Dru Joyce, the outspoken one, Willie McGee, the quiet one, Sian Cotton, the vibrant enforcer, and Romeo Travis, the bitter and unhappy one who later opened his wounds to this bond of friends.

After qualifying for a national Memphis championship tournament, the group first tasted glory one summer. But the friends never knew how difficult fulfilling their promise to stick together and win a national title was going to be.

They faced backlash, jealousy, and resentment from their black community for choosing to go to a white school to pursue their dreams. Moreover, navigating LeBron's fame brought attention and scandal that somehow affected their friendship. It was not easy, but these young boys grew to become men who finally won a national championship.

This book communicates the challenges America’s youth often face and excellently evokes the positive side of keeping resilient teamwork.

What Are the Best Books Authored by LeBron James?

We are Family, by LeBron James & Andrea Williams (2021)

This book is ideal for children between the ages of 8-12. It will instill lessons about leaning on one another and working as a team. It narrates a teammate’s story about kids with big dreams striving to beat all the odds to save the basketball season.

You will meet Jayden Carr, who has struggled to be in the Hoop Group basketball program. The program where his NBA star Kendrick King found his chance. But his heart is crushed when the coach tells him he doesn't qualify to be on the team.

Well, he is not the only one disqualified from the team. Coach Beck's daughter Tamika also fails to make it, as well as Chris King, Kendrick's nephew, Anthony Pierson, and Dexter Donyell. For Anthony joining the squad is a way of escaping daily troubles. And for Dexter, it is his only chance to belong to the team instead of always watching from the sidelines. But now their prospects seem impossible.

Joining the Hoop Group means more than just an opportunity to ball for these kids. It is a dream, an escape, and a family. Determined to get their shot, these friends hustle, scrap, fight, and fervently practice their passion on the court. Who knows, they could be the answer to save the basketball season.

You will appreciate how the authors navigate the murky challenges kids face, especially when striving for a specific goal. This book is a gem for middle school graders working on their dreams.

I Promise, by LeBron James & Nina Mata (2020)

In this inspiring book, LeBron brings his charm to motivate children worldwide to know that a bright future comes when one puts effort into school work, strives to work to the best of their ability, and chooses to keep family close.

Preschoolers will love the fantastic illustrations in the book as they get inspired to strive for greatness. The book is an excellent reminder that the success of tomorrow is guaranteed when you commit to the promises you make to yourself and the community.

Kids will also enjoy James's upbeat and rhythmic text that is beautifully crafted in this book.

 I Promise is an excellent gift to give during birthdays, holidays, or graduations. It is perfect for children between the ages of 3-8, so grab it for your little one.

You will appreciate the themes conveyed, for instance, character and values, individuality, and determination. Reading it will give you hope and encourage children to practice respect, kindness, imagination, and creativity even as they fight for their dreams.

Final Thoughts on LeBron James Books

Undoubtedly, LeBron James is a hero and a friend to his fans which is evident in his biographies. The fact that he has gone to the extent of writing or coauthoring some of the books highlighted in this article speaks more about his kindness and desire to nurture success.

Whether you are a LeBron fan, a young person, or a casual basketball fan, the books on this list will help you relate to LeBron’s work and give you inspiration, motivation, and encouragement.

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