Ali Hazelwood has gained notoriety with The Love Hypothesis – a best seller in 2021 that drew wide attention to her STEM and science centered heroes. 

When it comes to clever writing, Ali is the undisputed queen of romantic comedies. Every book of the author is chock-full of smart, unpleasant somewhere funny situations that perfectly capture the humor and heart of her writing style.

Four Things We Should Know About Ali Hazelwood

  1. She has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience
  2. She born in Italy, and lived in multiple countries including Germany and Japan before moving to the US
  3. She is a sci-fi lover
  4. She is a New York Times Best Selling Author

In the following selection we ordered Ali Hazelwood books based on their popularity. Starting with the most wanted Ali Hazelwood book.

What Are The Top Ali Hazelwood Books?

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The Love Hypothesis (2021)

This story is far the most popular among the other Ali Hazelwood books. It has 48,500+ reviews on Amazon, which is an extreme number even among popular books. It was picked up be several communities including Booktokkers.

As a third-year graduate student, Olive Smith doesn't believe in long-term romantic relationships, but her best friend does, and that's why she gets into a tricky situation. Convincing Anh that she's dating and on her way to a happily ever after will take more than a few hand-waving Jedi tricks.

Scientists need evidence. So, like any dedicated biologist, Olive panics and kisses the first man she sees. This man is Adam Carlsen, a young, college professor who is known as an asshole. So Olive is suprised when Adam agrees to keep the secret and become her boyfriend. But when a major science conference goes awry and Olive's career is almost thrown away, Adam surprises her once again with her unwavering support.

Suddenly their little experiment comes dangerously close to catching fire. And Olive realizes that she can't deny what her heart feels.

Love On The Brain (2022)

Bee is a neuroscientist who is trying to get her career off the ground. The bright, bubbly woman's last relationship almost tanked her career before it even started. Her fellow scientist, Levi will have to work with Bee in an academic project together, despite the unpleasant atmosphere.

The story's central character, Bee, is exceptional, and this excellentness helps make it all the more dynamic. Reading the narrative of Bee feels like so 2020s, including all the science and cultural references.

This rom-com book is for science nerds. If you're looking for a fresh and sexy read, look no further than Love On The Brain. It's packed with all the nerdy goodness you could ask for, plus some sizzling playful romance to boot.

Below Zero (2022)

Below Zero is the story of Hannah, a NASA aerospace engineer. After her most recent Arctic expedition left her injured and stranded, the only person willing to come rescue her was Ian, a colleague with whom she always an argument.

They bond over their shared love of all things “STEMINST” (science, technology, engineering, math, and…), and they soon find themselves inseparable, despite their way of thinking is different.

This rom-com book follows the unlikely pair as they navigate their new relationship and try to find a way to make it work despite their different backgrounds. Can these two nerds find true love with each other? Or will their relationship be doomed?

Under One Roof (2022)

Mara and Liam turn from enemies to lovers, and Liam is in many ways similar to Adam from The Love Hypothesis. The author seems to have some inexplicable attraction to smart, taciturn, but tall, big guys.

I won't shoot the end of the story, but in the end I felt a lot more sympathy for the main character and found myself rooting for the couple. 

The science set is a little bit different now, since Mara is an environmental engineer who is passionate about her work. She loves finding new ways to make a difference in the world and protecting the environment. She is always looking for new ways to improve her skills and knowledge so she can make a greater impact.

Love, Theoretically (2023)

The New York Times best-selling author delights readers with a new STEMINIST rom-com. This lighthearted read follows the story of two physicists who are caught up in a competitive feud.

Though they come from different walks of life, Elsie and Jack are two physicists who share a bond that is undeniable. Elsie is a passionate and ambitious young woman who has always been driven to achieve her goals. Jack, on the other hand, is an arrogant and self-centered physicist who has always been content to let his work speak for itself. Despite their differences, the two have always been drawn to each other.

As they try to one-up each other, they find themselves caught in a web of academic politics and fake dating shenanigans. Though this book is full of laughs, it also has an important message about the importance of collaboration and respect between rivals.

Best Quotes from Ali Hazelwood Books

Carry yourself with the confidence of a mediocre white man

― Ali Hazelwood, The Love Hypothesis

Expiration dates are for the weak.

― Ali Hazelwood, The Love Hypothesis

You don't even have to admit to yourself that you love me, Bee. God knows I love you enough for the both of us – Levi

― Ali Hazelwood, Love on the Brain

Caring what others think is a lot of work, and—with a handful of exceptions—I’m not a huge fan of work.

Ali Hazelwood, Below Zero

Final Thoughts on Ali Hazelwood Novels

In conclusion, the Ali Hazelwood rom-com novels are a great way to escape the everyday hustle and bustle. They are perfect for when you need a break from reality and want to explore uncanny romances filled with strange situations.

If you're looking for a new author to get into, I highly recommend giving Ali Hazelwood a chance.

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