Kids love magic. It's fun, it's exciting, and it's a little bit mysterious. No matter if it's a quick trick with a coin or an elaborate illusion with a deck of cards, magic never fails to capture their attention and imagination. But magic isn't just about entertainment. It's also a great way for kids to learn and grow.

Why ‘Magic' Is Great For Children?

Learning and performing card tricks can help kids develop important skills. For example, it can teach them about patience and persistence as they practice to perfect their tricks. It can help improve their coordination and fine motoric skills, which is essential in school (and also later for programming). And when they perform for others, they can learn about public appearance and build self-confidence.

The key is to find the right book resources that can guide them along the way. That's why we've put together a list of the best card trick books for kids, ordered reverse chronologically. These books are designed for young learners. They present card tricks in a fun and an easy to understand way.

Let's take a leaf from the renowned card magician, Dai Vernon, whose journey began just like theirs – with a simple deck of cards and a boundless fascination for magic. Ready to follow in his footsteps?

What Are The Top Card Trick Books For Children?

Card Tricks For Kids, by Charlotte Gibbs (2023)

Reading through Card Tricks For Kids was quite a treat. This isn't just a book that teaches card tricks – it's an opportunity for kids to learn and have fun away from screens. What's more, it champions the belief that magic is not just for entertainment, but a way for children to develop their creativity, problem-solving skills, and social abilities.

Right from the start, the book makes learning card tricks feel achievable. The simple, clear instructions are supported by detailed illustrations, ensuring that kids can pick up even the more complex tricks with ease. It was great to see the tricks broken down into manageable steps, helping to make the process of learning less daunting and more enjoyable.

One aspect of the book I genuinely appreciated was its emphasis on boosting a child's self-confidence. Successfully performing a magic trick in front of an audience can be such a confidence booster, and this book facilitates that experience.

In a world where kids spend a lot of their time with digital entertainment, this book stands out. It offers a fun, interactive, and educational experience that can provide countless hours of enjoyment. It is a friendly reminder that learning can be fun and that skills can be gained even while playing.

Card Tricks For Beginner Magicians, by Dorian Pope (2022)

This children's book is your ticket to becoming an enchanting figure in any room. Dorian, whose aptitude for card magic is legendary, crafted this book out of his love for learning and zeal for the unknown. The purpose is to share the allure and wonder of card magic with novices, transforming them into captivating performers. This comprehensive guide introduces easy-to-learn card tricks, techniques to levitate a card, methods to mind-read your audience, and even provides 18 different techniques used in beginner card tricks, all accompanied by step-by-step instructions and illustrations.

Regardless of your reasons for not considering card magic before, this book challenges the notion that it's an unattainable skill. Though the art of illusion can take years to master, Card Tricks For Beginner Magicians seeks to accelerate your journey by laying a solid foundation. As your abilities enhance, the book introduces more complex tricks, ensuring continuous progress.

It serves as a one-stop-shop for those new to performance, card handling, and magic, offering invaluable tips, tricks, and advice. With thousands of readers already delving into the thrilling world of magic, this book invites you to discover the compelling realm of card tricks and illusions.

Everyday Magic for Kids, by Justin Flom (2018)

“Everyday Magic for Kids,” authored by accomplished magician Justin Flom, is an instructive guide that helps children master the art of magic using simple, everyday objects. Flom, popular on Facebook and YouTube, imparts the knowledge necessary to perform 30 amazing magic tricks that leave audiences wondering, “How did you do that?” The book provides detailed instructions and illustrations, ensuring that young, aspiring magicians have all the guidance they need to impress their peers and families, whether at home, school, or on the go.

The range of magic tricks introduced in the book is vast, incorporating not only card tricks but also magical performances involving coins, spoons, salt shakers, matchsticks, and more. Beyond teaching specific tricks, “Everyday Magic for Kids” also focuses on the fundamentals of a magician's craft. It includes introductory material about performing magic in front of an audience and how to adopt the comportment of a magician, helping the reader to understand the essence of captivating performances.

101 Clever Card Tricks, by Cara Frost-Sharratt (2016)

This 176 pages guide provides a comprehensive step-by-step approach to mastering magic tricks, catering to enthusiasts of all ages. With a collection of 101 tricks, the book includes a range of card tricks from simple illusions that can be learned within minutes, to more complex sleights of hand that challenge both your speed and cognitive abilities. It presents an inclusive approach to magic, ensuring that there's something for everyone, regardless of skill level or experience.

The guide further includes ‘Brain power' tricks, which incorporate mathematical principles and memory exercises to pull off mind-reading feats, providing an engaging way to improve mental skills while entertaining others. Additionally, for the seasoned magicians searching for novelty, the book offers innovative tricks that involve the use of mobile phones. These modern and creative illusions are sure to add a fresh touch to their existing repertoire.

Easy-to-Do Card Tricks for Children, by Karl Fulves (1989)

This classic card trick book, written by a magic and card conjuring expert, is a quick guide for children who have a keen interest in learning card tricks. The book is structured with the easiest tricks presented first, increasing in complexity as the reader progresses. Detailed instructions and over 60 informative diagrams are included to help the young magicians master each trick, from card manipulation to setting up their patter, which is essential for any successful magic performance.

No special skills are required to start learning from this book, apart from a willingness to practice. The book equips young performers to accomplish a variety of astonishing tricks, such as finding a card under seemingly impossible conditions, making a card rise mysteriously from the deck, and even mind-reading tricks, among 27 other impressive maneuvers. The book's goal is to foster a new generation of card magicians by teaching children these mind-boggling tricks.

Final Thoughts on Card Tricks for Kids

In wrapping up, it's important to note that diving into the world of card tricks is a journey filled with fun and valuable learning experiences. Picking up a new trick might be quick, but truly mastering it requires dedication, patience, and a lot of practice. Just like in any form of art, each card trick presents an opportunity to refine skills, to understand nuances, and to work towards perfect execution. That's the beauty of being a magician – it's an art form that's as challenging as it is rewarding.

Remember, a significant part of the magic is the mystery, the wonder, and the surprise that each trick evokes in the audience. Keep the secret of the trick to yourself and let the magic continue to live on in the hearts and minds of your spectators. It's not just about performing a trick; it's about creating an experience that leaves your audience amazed and intrigued, always wanting more. That, in essence, is the true art of being a magician.

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