Books have been the most enduring form of literature in human history because there’s something irresistible about recorded events or imaginations. They give us an escape from the reality we live in, transporting us to the world hidden between its pages and connecting with our emotions in a profound way. And the best part is regardless of your passions or area of interest, there’s a genre that caters to your preference.

So, as a lover of horses, you’ll be pleased to know that there are millions of horse fiction books out there waiting for you to turn their pages and get lost in the stories they tell. However, as much you love these animals, there's simply no time to read them all. But I’ve made sure that you can, at least, acquaint yourself with the best books for equestrians and get some suspense and adrenaline-pumping action for your troubles.

What Are The Top Horse Fiction Books?

Rise to the Horizon, by Hyunah KIM (2023)

As far as emotions go, this book is one of the most evocative stories you can find anywhere. Rise to the Horizon is a tale of a man and a horse with a special connection that will tug at your heartstrings.

Poseidon, a seriously disturbed horse, was a victim of a fire that gutted its ranch and nearly took its life. This incident transformed the thoroughbred into an aggressive beast who maniacally attacked anyone within touching distance, resulting in the injury of several stable hands. This incident became so frequent that the vet suggested Poseidon be put down for good. But this was not to be as Martha, the horses' owner, tracked down Axel, a famed horse whisperer, orchestrating his magical union with Poseidon.

I like how Hyunah Kim left no stone unturned in her use of descriptive language, which painted a vivid image of the story for her audience. Rise to the Horizon is aptly named as the tale inspires us to face our demons, battle our adversities, and attain new heights in our victory over them.

The Horsewoman, by James Patterson (2022)

This is one of those books for equestrians that heavily leans on ambition. The Horsewoman is a page-turning and fast-paced story of a woman named Maggie and her daughter, Becky, a pair of gifted horse riders with a complicated relationship. The book reveals how their dream of becoming the number #1 horse rider in the world trumped their solemn promise not to go against each other in a race.

This is reflective of the society we live in today where the promises made between loved ones is sacrificed or edged out in favor of our personal goals and interests. James and Mike did a fine job in immersing their readers in the amazing world of equestrian show jumping. The Horsewoman leaves its audience to figure out what they like more – the in-depth descriptions of the horse shows or the exposition of the lives of the estranged heroines.

Winterlight (Green Rider Book 7), by Kristen Britain

Kristen traps her audience in her fictional world with her fantastic use of words and skillful use of imagery. The chief theme in Winterlight is the resilience and courage of Karigan, the young heroine who has to discover the essence of her identity as a rider and warrior and must make certain sacrifices to heal from her past.

While reading this captivating story from cover to cover, I could tell that Kristen put a lot of thought into her plot development, with the character arcs adjusting in response to the ever-changing developments in the story. She also did a fine job in subverting and feeding her audience's expectations of the loose ends at the end of the tale.

Though there were reservations about the direction the book was headed, the only problem you may have once you start reading is struggling to do other stuff.

The Forgotten Horses (The Horses Know Trilogy Book 5), by Lynn Mann (2022)

Take it from me: the Forgotten Horses is clearly the kind of story that you’ll want to read multiple times because each page and chapter leaves you wanting more. Few authors can provoke our imagination the same way Lynn does. Her story revolves around Tania, a gifted and stubborn young woman who feels a sense of responsibility for four special horses.

The book connects to not just horse lovers, but everyone who loves reading and cares about humanity and you’ll love how she smoothly brought old and new characters together. The Forgotten Horses doesn’t just teach the way of the horse and how it brings out the best in humans, it serves as a reminder of what it means to be free.

Prospect (The Eventing Series Book 6), by Natalie Keller Reinert (2021)

There’s a lot to enjoy from reading the sixth installment in the above-named series -a story that centers on Jules, a horse-riding prodigy who’s feeling out of her depth in the absence of Pete, the opposition from the co-op moms, and the difficulty of riding her new horse.

In my humble opinion, the 373-page book is the best one in the series thanks to its rich character development and unpredictability, which was a breath of fresh air. The attention to detail Natalie showed in her book will put you in a barn where you can smell the horseshit and hay as well as hear the sounds of the equestrian beasts.

The Stallion and His Peculiar Boy, by M.J. Evans (2023)

M.J. penned what I regard as one of the best books for equestrians with a special focus on young adults, and the fact that it has won a trio of awards validates how I feel about this fictional novel. The book is the story of a young, autistic lad named Teodor who is charged with the care of Witez, a majestic horse, and how a beautiful friendship forms between them while the Second World War was raging on. M.J skillfully blends fact with fiction and passionately depicts how horses also suffered the horrors of the events at the time.

Final Thoughts

If you want to get lost in a world where humans and horses are best friends and even soulmates, you can begin your journey with these horse fiction books. I can assure you that these reads will evoke all kinds of emotions and make you a believer in the beauty of companionships.

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