Lucy Score has gained notoriety with Pretend You’re Mine – a top seller that drew international attention to her warm and exciting writing style. A famous author of the Wall Street Journal, she grew up in a family where reading was considered a religion.

Who is Lucy Score?

Lucy Score is the master of romantic books. She knows how to write about romance, whether it's a rom-com, small town romance or a romantic suspense novel. I think this is because she writes with so much emotion and authenticity. She truly understands love and all of its quirks and complexities. Her books never feel like they're trying too hard to be romantic; they just are. And that's why I enjoy reading them so much.

Her degree in journalism helped her develop a unique style, which draws more and more popularity with every new release. If you are after something new or are already a fan, here are some of the best-rated Lucy Score books to consider.

What are the top Lucy Score Books?

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The Body in the Backyard (Riley Thorn Book 4), by Lucy Score (2024)

Riley Thorn, an amateur psychic detective, faces unexpected chaos when her ex-husband, a news anchor, shows up asking for help. The tension between Riley, her ex Griffin, and her boyfriend Nick Santiago adds a lot of spice to the story, making the characters' interactions really pop.

As the plot thickens with a murder, the list of suspects grows, adding suspense. What really brings the laughs are the elderly roommates and an octogenarian business partner who step in to help with the investigation.

Their antics add a humorous twist to the surveillance. This book is a great choice for anyone who likes a mystery with laughs and a bit of the supernatural.

Things We Hide from the Light (Knockemout Book 2), by Lucy Score (2023)

As a reader, I delved into the story of Nash Morgan, a once-charming chief of police who's now struggling with panic attacks and nightmares after a harrowing shooting incident. I was captivated by the introduction of his smart and enigmatic new neighbor, Lina, and the unexpected physical connection they shared.

This connection not only grounded Nash but also piqued Lina's interest, leading to a passionate but short-lived affair, despite her secretive nature and aversion to relationships. Throughout the story, I became more engrossed in the challenges they faced, particularly when Nash discovered Lina's true reasons for being in town, leaving him feeling betrayed.

As they both confronted their personal demons and the dangers that surrounded them, the small town of Knockemout seemed to have a way of getting under their skin. I found myself rooting for them, hoping they could overcome the obstacles and decide whether their connection was worth the risk and the possibility of building a future together.

The Worst Best Man, by Lucy Score (2023)

The book starts off with a hilarious premise, the groom gets kidnapped right before the wedding, and the plot unravels from there. One of the book's strongest aspects is the dynamic between Frankie and Aiden. Their relationship starts off rocky due to Aiden's negative comments about Frankie, but as the story progresses, their chemistry becomes undeniable.

Lucy, skillfully navigates their evolving relationship, making their interactions a highlight of the book. The ‘guy falls for girl first' trope is played out delightfully here, with Aiden's growing fascination with Frankie being both amusing and endearing.

Things We Never Got Over, by Lucy Score (2022)

Knox is a classic bad boy. He is down-to-earth and realistic, and he hates drama. On the other hand, Naomi tries to get out of an unhappy engagement. She ends up running away from her wedding with her estranged twin in a small Virginia town.

Eventually, she is fooled by her cousin and ends up alone with no money, no car, and no one she knows around. Eventually, she runs into Knox, the type of man who avoids high-maintenance women or those with complicated lives. But since he is stuck with her, at least he can try to help her out of her problems.

The plan is simple – get her out of trouble, then let her go her own way. He just wants to return to his daily habits, with no drama and stress. This is the plan, but the reality is different. Things escalate before you even realize what is going on.

There is a bit of action, lots of suspense, plenty of humorous situations, and an erotic story.

Riley Thorn and the Corpse in the Closet (Riley Thorn Book 2), by Lucy Score (2021)

The second book in the Riley Thorn series will not let you down. The story follows psychic Riley and her boyfriend, Nick. It is about to be a hot summer because she needs to host her disapproving grandmother for a while first. Then, a corpse is found in a closet, and an investigator needs her help.

Nick is already quite busy – he investigates a missing person, not to mention dealing with his parents, who want to know more about his girlfriend. He seems to be more concerned about Riley getting involved with another case, after she nearly got killed trying to solve the previous one.

All in all, the body count keeps going up, and as if all these investigations were not enough, the couple has to deal with their families, who have nothing else better to do than bug them about random things. Then, Riley gets a threatening message – she needs to back off, or she will be the next victim.

This story is of suspense and humor, with plenty of action and plot twists.

Protecting What's Mine (Benevolence Book 3), by Lucy Score (2020)

Protecting What’s Mine is the third book in the Benevolence series and follows Fire Chief Lincoln Reed, who has a good reputation – both in work and his bedroom. Life is good, until one day, when a woman lands in his life. First, she lands in an accident, then, she lands in his backyard.

Mackenzie O'neil is a surgeon. An accident left a scar on her face – she is in shock. She knows that a simple job in a quiet town might get her back on track. She will recover, sleep more, look after herself and perhaps start gardening – why not?

She seems to resist Lincoln's flirt. But at the same time, he is persuasive and will not give up too easily. A fling does not look like such a big deal, but Mackenzie’s past comes back to cast a shade over her new life. Can Lincoln rescue her?

Gin Fling (Bootleg Springs Book 5), by Lucy Score (2019)

The fifth book in the Bootleg Springs series, along with Claire Kingsley, tells the story of personal trainer Jonah. Finding out about some half-siblings in a small town in West Virginia, he discovers more than what he hoped to find.

Jonah finds out that his father was somehow involved in a cold case disappearance. At the same time, the whole town is weird and seems to be interested in his fate. He gets ready for a quiet summer in a lakeside cottage, but his sister has other plans – how about a matching roommate and perhaps love?

Shelby is adorable and came to town looking for some answers. She ends up sharing the cottage with the personal trainer and decides to give him a stress-free fling throughout the summer – no strings attached. Jonah can barely say no.

However, he discovers that Shelby has some secrets, and her past will not hesitate to haunt her.

Where It All Began (Blue Moon Book 7), by Lucy Score (2018)

This is the seventh book in the Blue Moon series and by far one of the best Lucy Score books. While you can read it out of nowhere, the author recommends going through the previous releases first. You want to know the characters and become more familiar with their backgrounds.

All in all, the story follows John. He has lots of land and starts planning – a family, a nice farm, and growing kids. He wants to set it all up before starting a family, though, but unfortunately for him, his neighbors think he should do something else.

One thing leads to another, and he ends up with a surprise helper – a student who thinks she knows everything. She seems to ruin his peaceful life, so he needs to get rid of her. But on the other hand, Phoebe needs to stay there and complete her degree, which is when the fun part begins.

It feels like one of them is the cat and the other one is the mouse – then, roles change to 180 degrees.

The Christmas Fix, by Lucy Score (2017)

This is one of the most exciting Lucy Score books and brings in plenty of fun and plot twists for readers. A hurricane hits a small town in Connecticut and Noah – the city manager – must inform everyone about the upcoming Christmas festival, which will be canceled.

No festival, no fun, no tourists, no money – definitely a disaster. Things change overnight when reality star Catalina King comes with a camera and a budget, ready to change the atmosphere. But Noah knows Cat, and he knows that she is trouble, causing issues and fights wherever she goes.

This time, she has good intentions. It is not her fault that she attracts trouble, though. She is ready to change the town and bring Christmas back. She wants to make everyone realize that miracles are possible – will she manage?

Breaking the Rules (A Sinner and Saint Novel Book 2), by Lucy Score (2016)

The second book in the Sinner and Saint series is by far the best in the collection – it would help if you read the previous one, though. It is full of suspense and follows Waverly Sinner, a movie star with a gunshot wound and a missing boyfriend.

Only one person can help her – someone who broke her heart years ago, Xavier. It all started when she took a new job opportunity. It ended up with a fight involving guns and a story that could ruin her career forever.

But Xavier still loves her. He finds her in a messy state and decides to help her out. She is not too happy to see him, and she definitely does not want his help. However, their attraction is still there, and he might be her only opportunity.

The action takes place about five years after the action in the first book.

Rock Bottom Girl, by Lucy Score (2019)

This is one of the few Lucy Score books that ends by itself – no need to wait for other releases in the series. It follows Marley, who is 38 years old now. She is not at the peak of her life, though – her heart was broken, and she feels completely down. She ends up back in her childhood town.

Not much has changed in this little town. People are still the same – kids are richer and cooler, quite normal. One thing has changed, though – the high school bad boy Jake, who is now one of the hottest guys in town.

One thing leads to another, and the two end up in a win-win deal. He will teach her how to be a coach at a local high school if she teaches him what it takes to be in a relationship. But then, while the relationship is fake, her orgasms are real.

She knows that everything is temporary, and things cannot go in the right direction. However, rock bottom can often take unusual turns. In this case, it could go two ways – it could be a disaster, or it could be a fairy tale.

Inspiring Quotes From Lucy Score Books

There’s a difference between taking care of someone because you love them and taking care of someone because you want them to love you,

Lucy Score, Things We Never Got Over

When you trust someone to see you for who you really are, the betrayal is a thousand times worse than if you hadn’t handed them the weapons in the first place,

Lucy Score, Things We Never Got Over

You want someone you can trust with your nightmares. Not just your dreams.

Lucy Score, By a Thread

Final Thoughts on the best Lucy Score Books

Bottom line, while the list can go longer, these are some of the best-rated Lucy Score books on Amazon. The author is famous for her series and collections, so chances are you will want to go through all of them, rather than just random releases in the middle.

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