The witchcraft world has always been an alluring phenomenon that has kept me fascinated for many years. You will agree with me that this index of powerful, irrational, and abnormal elements uniquely showcases life's supernatural bit.

From ancient lore to contemporary practices, this subject continues to captivate me as a reader. It is why I actively seek novels about witches quite often. Getting a touch of magic into my life from these spell and charm weavers always captures my imagination in a way that transcends most literary works.

Suppose you are fascinated by the idea of witches and witchcraft. In that case, I have compiled a list of five imaginative texts that explore these contexts, promising to enchant you substantially.

What Are The Most Witchiest Books?

Shadow Cast (The Hawthorne University Witch Series Book 6), by A.L. Hawke (2024)

If you love a story brimming with witchcraft, magic, darkness, lies, betrayal, and covens, you must get your hands on The Hawthorne University Witch Series, in which Shadow Cast is the sixth entry.

This book continues Katie’s story, who is now in graduate school readying for witch recruitment. When Adder the witch shows up, she claims Katie is putting a curse on Enora, Adder’s master, and causes Katie to act outside her control. She sees the evil others can’t see, but can her necromancy mastery help her?

Like the rest of the books in this series, this one has a compelling storyline and takes you deeper into the coven world. It is also a romantic dose with magic-infused interactions that will define love and evil for you. You will get lost in this world as you marvel at Hawke's incredible world-building.

Beyond witchcraft and covens, I love that this book has crucial lessons about finding your place, navigating trials and tribulations, and valuing what matters most.

The Witches of St. Petersburg (Russian Witches Book 1), by Imogen Edwards-Jones (2019)

This historical fiction witchcraft book tells the events that resulted in the Romanov era's downfall. It will be particularly entertaining if you are Russian or are interested in Russian history and the impacts of Rasputin.

This story is about the Romanov court's two princesses, Militza and Stana. They have to leave their home as part of fulfilling their duty to their father and be married in superior positions. This new alliance will secure their native country’s future. They experiment with spells and rituals and befriend Tsarina, only to change the course of Russian history.

As a historical buff, I found this book fun, and I felt Imogen did well researching the Russian Revolution. The manifestation of the characters in this book is superb, and the accuracy of the events unfolding will draw you into this story.

I loved how much insight this read offered regarding Russian customs, fairy tales, food, and celebrations. This will be valuable in giving you a personal look into a crucial time in history.

You will enjoy the court politics and the hidden schemes happening, but most importantly, you will reflect deeply on social structure, power, and betrayal.

Sourdough Troubles (Homesteader Hearth Witch Book 3), by Kat Healy (2024)

Do you love a witchy urban fantasy fused with forbidden romance? If yes, this third entry into the Homesteader Hearth Witch series will take you on a joyful ride.

It continues Misty and Sawyer’s story and will enchant you with its magic lore. Find out if Misty can stay true to her purpose and solve the mystery of her family’s grimoire curse.

This book will remind you that asking for help and even relying on new friends is okay.

It is commendable how cozy this book is but not boring at all. You will love Misty’s determination to protect her family, but you are not even ready for the juicy cliffhanger in this book.

The storyline and characters are well-developed, and you will ultimately build a relationship with each one as you read along. This read will enlighten you on how nature’s bounty can be helpful or a hindrance when modern means fail. It will have you think deeply about the meaning of true purpose.

Sourdough Troubles is a continuation of a great series, and I can’t wait for more of what’s to come for Misty and the entire series.

By Any Other Name, by Kate King (2024)

The first time I read Kate’s description of this book as a Romeo and Juliette retelling fused with witchcraft and secret societies, I knew this read would kick off my 2024 list of witchcraft novels. I was not disappointed one bit upon picking it up. Talk about spice and a dark paranormal romantic tale whirlwind.

This book takes you into Stratford, where a secret society of rich and prominent families employs occult witchcraft to keep their power and privilege. This is a dangerous society, but the blood feud between the Montagues and Capulets is something else. Twist, Roman Montague has always secretly loved Etta Capulet despite her betrothal to a different man.

If you love stories about possessive enemies-to-lovers, this read will make you eager as you guess what may come for these star-crossed lovers. You will need a fan out since this book is hot and spicy, but you will appreciate how Roman and Etta inspire development and change in each other. I am definitely hoping for more of this world from Kate.

The Witching Tide, by Margaret Meyer (2023)

I just had to include another historical witchcraft novel on my list. The Witching Tide tells the story of a witch hunt in 17th-century England.

Silas, a “witchfinder,” has come to town, and destruction is brewing. Neighbours are turning into foes, and midwives are becoming witches. Martha, a healer, midwife, and servant, must search for women with ‘devil’s marks’ alongside a silent witness and terrible secrets.

This read was an emotional gut punch for me, but this made it so immersive. It reads with themes about power and powerlessness and touches on protection and hysteria. It will be worth your time if you love sinister or dystopian themes.

I loved how atmospheric and moving this book was, and I think its writing is convincing in a stylish and raw way.

All its themes about misogyny, ignorance, and prejudicial assumptions will engulf all your reasons. However, seeing how the women here survive cruelty and unjust imprisonment will give you hope that reclaiming what you may have lost is possible.

Final Thoughts on Popular Books about Witches

Whether you are a curious reader or a seasoned practitioner of the witchcraft world, these books about magic and witches will give you a deep introspection about witchcraft's rich practices and traditions. They will show you what it means to have immense power and transport you to a world full of mystery and wonder. Make some magic with them!

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