Our family is really big on coloring. I have a ten-year-old boy and my daughter just turned three. Since my husband and I prefer homeschooling, and having a teaching background, I do most of the teaching.

Coloring has transcended its reputation for our family. It has been highly beneficial and given us unforgettable experiences. Moreover, it has been an incredible way of learning, a bonding experience, and a therapeutic and stress-relieving activity.

My son has always been huge on space themes and elements and is slowly getting everyone into it. We have recently been working on space coloring books for our coloring sessions, which are turning out to be very interesting.

Exploring the cosmos' vastness and atmosphere has been excellent, and in this article, I have compiled a list of six space coloring books we have loved that are perfect for kids and adults alike.

To determine the appropriate age range for each coloring book, I considered several factors to ensure that the recommendations align with developmental milestones and abilities typical of certain age groups:

  1. Complexity of Designs – I assessed the intricacy of the coloring pages, noting the level of detail and the precision required to color within the lines. More complex designs suggest a higher age minimum, as they require refined motor skills and patience.
  2. Educational Content – Books that include educational material, such as facts about the solar system or biographies of astronauts, are evaluated based on the level of the content’s complexity. This helps determine if the material is suitable for younger children or better suited to older kids and adults who can understand and appreciate the information.
  3. Themes and Interests – The thematic content of each book was considered to match the typical interests of different age groups. For instance, books with simple planetary shapes might appeal to younger children, while detailed galactic phenomena are targeted toward older audiences.
  4. Engagement Level – I looked at how engaging each book would likely be for different age groups, taking into account factors such as the presence of interactive elements like mazes and puzzles, which can cater to the developmental needs of younger children.
  5. User Feedbacks – Where available, I reviewed Amazon feedback from users who have interacted with these coloring books. This includes comments on the usability of the book by different age groups, noted in reviews and product feedback.

What Are The Most Engaging Space Coloring Books?

Cosmic Adventures, by Anesh Issay (2024)

Recommended age range: 8 years and up

Cosmic Adventures is a captivating coloring book that presents you with an exciting exploration and a peaceful escape into various space elements. It features a space experience with the solar system, rocket ships, alien landscapes, celestial bodies, and more.

I love that the designs on the pages are whimsical and imaginative, allowing you to express your creativity in a celestial setting. Everything about the illustrations is to love and they are just stunning. The vibrant colors and the evident attention to detail make all the pages in this book come to life.

You get over thirty pages, and each one is intricately designed to spark your imagination. The paper quality is excellent, allowing you and your loved ones to color while preventing bleed-through.

Each page is accompanied by educational content regarding the mysteries and facts of various space elements. There are also stories of pioneering astronauts to discover. You will enjoy these on your own or if you are guiding/teaching a young one.

This space coloring book is an excellent addition to classroom settings or a gift for curious minds.

Cosmic Colors & Stellar Mazes, by Playful & Active Mind Book (2024)

Recommended age range: 5-10 years

Do you have a child aged between 5-10 years? If yes, then this book will be a precious addition. Each of its pages is an invitation to create and dream about space.

It will be an excellent way to save your young ones from too much screen time. Still, if you are ten years old and above, this book bridges the simplicity and charm of bygone times and will incredibly trigger nostalgic memories as you color.

Cosmic Colors & Stellar Mazes is a universe of pure creativity and joy and presents excellent opportunities to link up with timeless experiences among its colorists. It is an intergalactic journey that is packed with wonders of space waiting for your discovery.

Talk about more than thirty pages packed with stars, planets, rockets, and galaxies, and merge these with twenty space mazes to awaken your intellect. Moreover, you get several cosmic word searches in the book’s puzzles as you go on your space journey. You will find solutions to the mazes in case they seem challenging at a certain point.

Each page in this book is definitely a new opportunity for you to have fun, boost your observation skills, creativity, concentration, and, most importantly, learn.

Galaxy Wonders Adult Coloring Book, by Lifetime Coloring Books (2023)

Recommended age range: 15 years and up

If you are looking to delve into stunning galaxy, nebula, and black hole designs, this book has got you covered. It is perfect, especially if you enjoy science fiction, fancy astronomy, or are simply fond of the beauty and wonder of the universe.

I love that this book features a wide variety of coloring designs, and they are all waiting for you to unleash your creative touch. Each of the pages has excellently detailed patterns and details for coloring enjoyment.

One noticeable thing about this book is how it is laid out/arranged. Unlike some coloring books with designs on both pages, this one has each design printed on one side. With this provision, removing the page and displaying your creation as finished artwork is easy. Pretty amazing. Right?

You do not have to worry about using the coloring material of your choice. Whether you like markers or gel pens, you are good to go, and you won’t see any ink bleed-through.

This book is an excellent leisure time addition and is fun, especially for adults. Add it to your library and enjoy fun activities with friends and family as you focus on bringing its space designs with color to life.

Space coloring book for adults and teens., by Arabella Grace (2023)

Recommended age range: 13 years and up

As the title suggests, this book is perfect, particularly for teens and adults. Still, younger stargazers will enjoy the colored celestial journey wrapped in the book. Get ready to go on a captivating journey as you discover the unending marvels of the cosmos.

This book takes you on an extraterrestrial journey while displaying galaxy and celestial body magnificence. As long as you are ready to put your creativity to work, the possibilities are endless with this book.

It comes with a collection of various designs ranging from mind-blowing planets to wondrous nebulae. Among the designs you will get to interact with are whirling galaxies, captivating black holes, and stunning constellations. As you color, you will experience therapeutic moments while mixing colors of your choice and lose yourself in the calming space embrace.

Additionally, this book is educational. It comes with different secrets of the universe and will give you a new lens of the night sky. Your coloring level is catered to whether you are just a novice or equipped with higher skills. This diversification is one of the things that makes this book stand out.

If you look attentively while coloring, you will see that some drawings contain hidden messages, patterns, or even amusing aliens.

At its core, this book is a gateway into the remote and unknown things of the cosmos and not just a fun diversification tool. Get inspired, learn, and be ready for an unmatched creative expedition.

Space Mandalas, by Forrest Walker (2024)

Recommended age range: 12 years and up

Ultimately, I enjoy coloring space elements as a teacher and a parent. However, I get even more drawn to space coloring books that can help with my meditation, especially during my ‘me’ time.

If you feel you relate to me and this idea, this book is ideal for you. With it, prepare to go into a realm of profound space mandala designs that you will color while soothing your mind. You get sixty designs as you immerse your mind in a blissful state.

Floating among the pages of this book are astronauts, galaxies, planets, aliens, and a lot more. All these designs are eagerly waiting for you to dispense your creative splash. You will marvel at the vibrant galactic colors of your colored designs as you calm your thoughts immensely.

I love that this book’s pages are large, so you are not restrained when it comes to space and the spreading of your imagination. Each of the space designs in the book is printed on its page; with this, you are ready to create unique art displays. The book’s blackout reverse page is just what you need to prevent ink from bleeding into the other pages or your creations.

Space Mandalas will make an excellent gift for any of your loved ones who love meditation coloring and are interested in diving into space.

Stellar Imagination – Coloring the Cosmos, by Bill P Richardson (2023)

Recommended age range: 10 years and up

Stellar Imagination is simply a masterpiece you will fancy if you are a space lover or a coloring enthusiast. Each of the book’s pages showcases the grandeur of the space with the etched illustrations that are what your fingertips need.

The details of each element, be it a planet, star, or galaxy, are intricate and incredibly delightful to fill with color. With this book, you are just on your way to creating an unforgettable coloring session filled with creativity and discovery.

Your coloring strokes will bring the cosmic wonders in this book to life and allow you to delve into an expressive, mindful, and relaxing journey. Picture yourself coloring Saturn’s icy rings, the radiant sun, and Neptune’s turbulent winds. Imagine exploring astronauts, space telescopes, and the universe’s vast expanse. What’s not to like?

One thing I found the author to have been very intentional and thoughtful about in this book was the reverse of each page. There’s a motif of the “dark side of the moon’ that gives you a practical solution for preventing ink bleed-through.

Whether you consider yourself someone mesmerized by far-off galaxies, the nebulae's incredible aesthetic, or the myth-packed constellations' charm, this book will not disappoint you. It is a celestial adventure only you can go on.

Why Are Space Coloring Books Special to Me?

I wanted to try something new, beyond the familiar mandala coloring books. And being a lifelong space adventure enthusiast, I thought cosmic coloring books would be a good try to me. All happened in my favorite bookstore when I saw Galaxy Wonders.

My first experience was transformative, to say the least. As I picked up my colored pencils and began shading the designs of planets and star systems, it felt like each stroke connected me deeper to the cosmos.

Coloring a vivid portrayal of Jupiter's swirling storms or the serene glow of a distant nebula brought a rush of awe and wonder. The detailed illustrations allowed me to engage creatively with subjects I had only read about or seen in documentaries.

This new (relaxing) hobby became a gateway to exploring the universe from the comfort of my own room. The pages turned into a personal discovery of celestial mysteries, making every coloring session a unique and enriching experience.

So far I always check space coloring books on bookshelves, and yes sometimes I find a new gem, that is waiting for the creativity of my hands.

Final Thoughts on Space Coloring Books

These adult and children space coloring books are excellent at bridging the gap between relaxation and education. They are creative outlets to express your artistic side. Whether you are a curious space coloring novice or a seasoned one, they are sure to offer you hours of entertainment and a more significant space appreciation.

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